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Movie stars don coloured contact lenses

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If you want to rock a crazy design for Halloween, a fancy dress party or any other special occasion, get into character with a set of special movie contact lenses. These non prescription lenses are inspired with the ones worn by celebrities in various cult-favourite movies. They come in a choice of styles with fantastic colours to let you try something different than your natural colour, and special shapes to give eyes alien-looking pupils, or no pupil at all. Definitely not for the everyday look.

Twilight Bella contact lenses

Twilight contact lenses

as Bella Swan

After the incledible success of the Twilight Saga, next Halloween many girls will choose to write their own chapter with the vampire contact lenses. Inspired with the first changed Bella Swan the Vampire, these incredibly cool lenses have a gorgeous yellow and red overlay to help you get the authentic Twilight vampire look.

Mad Hatter contact lenses

Mad Hatter contact lenses

Johnny Deep as Mad Hatter

Would you like to go down the rabbit hole this time? Think about dressing like the Mad Hatter, a mysterious character from “Alice in Wonderland” played by Johnny Depp. Apart from crazy hair and a huge hat, your Mad Hatter’s fun Halloween costume wouldn’t be complete without a set of bright yellow contact lenses.

X-Men – Storm contact lenses

X-Men Storm contact lenses

as Storm (X-Men)

Halle Berry did a great job at bringing the Storm, the X-Men character to life. As a powerful superhero she had that unique ability to control the weather. As her eyes would transform into a white colour (covering her whole iris), the Storm was able to create tornadoes, blizzards, thunderstorms, and hurricanes.

Hulk contact lenses

Hulk contact lenses

(Edward Norton? as) Hulk

Freak out your friends with complete Hulk look. Get a pair of yearly coloured contact lenses featuring a bright block of green fading to yellow from the outside in. Once you get a full-on green make up, rip off your shirt and tear up everything within arm’s reach. No one will want to upset you, guaranteed!

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