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Top Spring 2013 Fashion Must-Haves!

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You would think after a lifetime of loving nautical and classic we would be growing somewhat tired. Nothing could be further from the truth! Ladies, may I present the list of 5 absolute clothing must-have pieces that will be in heavy rotation in your spring 2013 wardrobe.

denim shirt 2013


Denim shirt

Denim shirts are having a bit of a comeback. The effortless tomboy-chic choice for spring is also the most fashion-forward alternative to a cardigan or sweatshirt (see ). To elevate your effortless-chic style, choose the fitted western shirt. If you are lucky enough to find a tie-dye version, you can call yourself an it-girl already.

Ralph Lauren jacket

Lime Green biker jacket

Biker jacket

The forever favourite biker jacket gets a cool modern redux in warm-weather leather version. Blending edgy streetwear and the on-trend attitude, this spring biker style jacket is your #1 essential for a go-anywhere look. Wear it with everything you like, for example a printed dress unless you choose a biker jacket in a statement-making print (as seen in ).

Burberry trench coat

Brit trench coat

Classic trench coat

If there’s one item a woman can’t live without in spring, it’s a great trench coat. Invest in classic elegance with a traditional tailored trench, which counts as a sophisticated, multi-season investment. Although most of you will go safe with a creamy neutral iteration, some may go trendy with a breathless metallic trench coat we’ve seen at Burberry.

Moschino C&C Top

Cheap&Chic Striped Top

Nautical-chic top

If you’ve been in the stores in the last few days, you may have noticed something: stripes and nautical themes popping up. This trend reffers to Michael Kors’ spring 2013 collection abounding with many fresh, trend-conscious nautical looks. The immaculate choice for recreating the trend is a sailor-inspired stripe top.

Herve Leger cut-out dress

Zigzag cut-out dress

Cut-out dress

One of the latest fashion trends that have been taking the catwalk and the red carpet is peek-a-boo. This trend brought a lot of playfulness to the 2013 Grammy Awards (remember Katy Perry in a revealing mint column?). So why don’t you take inspiration from Alexander Wang and get your sexy back in a laser cut dress yourself?

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  • Kendra

    Yesterday I saw a girl wearing a floral dress, doc martens and denim vest. It reminded me that I used to rock the denim vest with my dresses in middle school too. Oh so very 90s.

  • Aliyah fan

    Denim is one of my favourite materials to work with! Most of my sewing experience falls into the category of fashion and accessories so I’m looking forward this spring beacuse I’m already geared up :)