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9 Feb

3.1 Phillip Lim Spring Summer 2009

Phillip Lim is an American fashion designer of Chinese ancestry, who was once a design assistant at Katayone Adeli. After that he followed up with his own projects. He named his signature collection 3.1, after the age when he made his solo break. Phillip Lim has been the head of from 2004 to present.

To be perfectly honest, a is a first collection of 3.1 Phillip Lim that I’m going to analyze. He’s known for his hard work, claiming so as not to have enough time for holiday as he designs five collections every year, including RTW and mens’ ones.

A spring summer 2009 collection by 3.1 Phillip Lim is a result of a romance of geometric prints and a Chinese culture fascination. A significant Asian influence can be seen in his designs: his models have cute updos, big sandals of various colours and they would even remind me of Japanese geishas if the clothes they wore were more embroidered and decorated. Besides, geishas are a great synonym of art as they were trained entertainers, skilled in various arts such as dancing, singing and writing.

The colour palette is dominated by pastel tones, but this balanced collection is highlighted with the ’employment’ of saturated colours of the shoes. Lim hasn’t used many accessories, but the thing I paid a lot attention to is a dotted handbag, looking like a giant ladybird. He has also made an obeisance to a ubiquitous spring summer 2009 belt trend, kind of spicing it up – see the fantasy ribbon belt.

You can also see lots of ruffles, especially used in dresses and – surprise, surprise – in jackets! I was quite stunned of what he did to elucidate a boring all-black outfit – he accessorized it with ruffled high heels, looking like a peach blossom! Apart from ruffles, there is also quite an interesting element of fantasy waves going down the tops, skirts and dresses. Also – fringe dresses and boots, Jackie O.-ispired jackets, romper suits, lots of layers and multicoloured .

As of the men’s collection, it is an informal elegance and a lot of personality. The sources of inspiration include Spanish culture and the bullfighter look.

3.1 Phillip Lim Spring Summer 2009 gallery

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