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8 Aug

From Festival To The Beach: Top Summer Hairstyles To Wear Now

boho hair photo

Now that Summer is getting as hot as it can get, and there are tons of beach parties, festivals and barbecue outside all day that run into the night. The last thing you want to worry about is your hair. So this time we are going to talk about the best to rock this summer, especially on the beach.

Twisted top knot

top knot photo

Most of us have hair that turns wavy once the humidity hits it. So we need an updo that is easy, simple and will not fail when the wave comes. In spring we have witnesses the mod hair moment when every other fashionista was pulling her tresses back into a sky-high chignon with hair that looks sleek on the sides.

Summer has brought a small update: the messier, the better. Apparently, sloppy is in style so when recreating the look on yourself, do not sweat the subtle imperfections especially at the top knot. It seriously looks like the just rushed home from work and threw their hair up, but it still looks glamorous.

The good news is that celebrities are even pulling off this simple hairstyle on the red carpet. Want to accessorize your out-of-bed top knot in celeb style? Put that hair up and show off some trendy earrings.

Slicked-back hair

beach hair photo

This hairstyle reminds me of beautiful Bond girls we have seen on screen walking on the beach with damp hair pulled back. The wet look hair brings a chic yet easy elegance you can successfully sport on the beach.

All you do is spray some styling mousse or volumizing mousse for some volume and texture. Let your hair dry natural for some waves or use a flat iron to make it super straight, and throw it back, letting hair tendrils fall out around your face naturally. Use gel to hold the straight hair for a slick look or argan oil to saturate the curly strands for a tousled look.


braid photo

Whether spending a day on the beach, or grabbing an after work drink at your local bar, summer plaits work for every occasion. There is a braided hairstyle for every hair: thick, thin, straight, or curly and for every face shape. Find the hairstyle that suits you best.

The innocent girl braid look is trending now on the runways with frizzy, teased hair sticking out of at the top of the head, with a loose, messy braid, barely even tied or finished. Well the perfection is out but it depends on you how much imperfect you want to be.

If the undone French braid is not your style, go for a more tamed version of a side braid. To make sure your hair survives the day on the beach, apply a styling lotion to your damp strands to give them grip and twist the braid in the position you want it to fall. Loosen the braid a bit to give it the slightly undone look.


back hair photo

Although ponytails are no longer the look of the season, they are a lifesaver on the beach. This no fuss, simple yet sexy look that anyone can pull off help survive the hottest days of the year. Unfortunately, the super-sleek ponytail that celebs and models are sporting on the red carpet is not possible on the beach (especially if you plan to swim), there is a way to wear your hair this way.

Anyways, if you want to make your hair into a beach ponytail, pull it up into a high pony after you straighten or curl your hair, whichever look you want. Secure with an elastic but not too tight – wet hair are more prone to damages. For a more of-the-moment look, grab a section of hair about an inch thick and just wrap it around your elastic to hide it, and bobby pin it or tuck it into your elastic to hold.

beach hairstyle photo by SouthFloridaBeachPhotos

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