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Pastel Spring Time Accessories for Work and Play
Whether it’s wearing colorful pants in mint, sorbet yellows or corals, or adding a simple pop of colour to a subdued neutral or black ensemble, spring is the perfect season to incorporate more cheerfulness into your wardrobe.
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The Best Distressed Jeans for Spring
What's the one thing that every modern woman needs in her closet? Good denim. A nice pair of jeans is a brilliant base for any outfit, no matter the season. Spring, however is the perfect time for you to slip into a pair of distressed jeans so why not give them a try.
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Top Beach Essentials For A Super Chic Summer
Packing for a beachside vacation can be a challenge. Whether you're planning to lounge on the shores of St. Barts or explore the eclectic island streets, you're sure to need some versatile and comfortable options. But not to worry — we've got your style needs covered thanks to this fashion guide.
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13 Dec

Christmas Gift Watch for Every Family Member

family members with christmas gift watch

If you are trying to decide what to ask for on Christmas, don’t spend endless hours pondering; ask for a fancy new Christmas gift watch instead! If you don’t already wear a watch, you may want to consider doing so. A watch isn’t just there to tell the time, although it’s very helpful if you’re constantly running late; it’s also a great piece of jewellery to wear as an accessory, and makes a fantastic ice breaker if you’re stuck for what to say at a party.

woman christmas gift watch

Get ready for Christmas: men’s watches

You can buy watches in all sorts of designs so it’s really easy to find one that best suits your man. Use your partner’s old watch to help reflect his personality, for example, if he is an avid sports player, you may like to consider choosing a sports watch. They often come with brightly coloured wrist straps, helping your man stand out from the crowd whilst he is doing his choice of sport. If your man is a businessmen, he may prefer a chunky, heavy metal watch strap, with a classic black watch face to give him a really professional edge over his colleagues. However, most men would like to get a smartwatch for Christmas so if you have a decent budget, think about getting one for himself.

Get ready for Christmas: kid’s watches

Help your kids learn to tell the time by buying them a snazzy new watch. If your daughter likes the colour pink (and most little girls do), she’ll love the selection of girls watches available. You son will look really cool with a camouflage designed watch, perfect for when he’s playing spy games with his mates. Kids watches have really bright, easy to read watch faces, making them a fantastic teaching tool for any child learning how to tell the time. Get them to practice by asking them what time it is, and see their little faces light up as they proudly look at their Christmas gift watch and tell you.

girl reading a book

Get ready for Christmas: women’s watches

If you’re a brand-lover, you can find a huge selection of brand name womens watches to buy. So if you like to strut your stuff in Anne Klein, or prefer a classic Fossil watch, you can be sure to find a watch to your liking. A great watch can really help to offset your outfit. For instance, if you’re going to a posh dinner party and intend on dressing up in a smart suit, you are likely to present the image you’re hoping to achieve by wearing a classic style watch sure to wow. Obviously, you are not going to buy the watch on your own. Choose the Christmas gift watch yourself and give your partner a clue on what he should buy you for present.

Really look the part wherever you go, with a brand new women’s watch. If your old watch is sat discarded in a drawer at home because the battery ran out last year, the chances are, you don’t like wearing it very much, otherwise you’d have made sure you replaced the battery as soon as you could. Instead, buy a brand new watch and you’ll no longer be constantly checking your phone anxiously to find out how many minutes you’re running late by today. Have it match other accessories you’re wearing, such as wedding and engagement rings, bracelets, necklaces etc. to really give your outfit the full effect! Remember, let your wrist do all the talking.

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