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21 Mar

22 Street Style Outfit Ideas With Denim

denim jacket girl

We saw how took over the spring/summer season for both sexes appearing in every guise. is redefined this season, offering more than just jeans. Find some inspiration and work it into your style repertoire for work and weekend.

Denim shirts and jackets

When you think of denim, the first thing that comes to mind is probably jeans. Maybe even a jean skirt or jacket. But a big denim trend for spring in both men and women’s fashion, is the denim button-down sleeved shirt. We saw how flannel took over the Fall/Winter season for both sexes, well now it as a nice, light, refreshing denim shirt for spring and summer!

Choose a light denim shirt and pair it with dark denim jeans or even white or coloured jeans. It’s just like denim pants, they go with everything. So for the ladies, try this look: go for a long, boyfriend denim blouse thats half buttoned over little white shorts to balance out the look.



Denim pants and shorts

Several A-list celebs and street style stars have been spotted rockin’ baggy jeans, boyfriend jeans to be exact. Actually most of these girls are mommys! So maybe it’s a mama trend? A stab at being comfortable parading around town but still stylish? Check ‘em out.

The best denim looks we have seen on the fashion scene consist of cuffed denim pants. Are fashionistas around the world stealing their men’s pants and cuffing them? That’s what it looks like. They usually pair them with girly, fitted tops to balance it out. It takes more fashion courage to wear denim flare pants especially when paired with a furry gilet and a sporty tee.



Denim skirts and dresses

The denim is your fashion statement which means that in every fashion magazine you will read: don’t go overboard with accessories and colours elsewhere. This summer rip up the rulebook and elevate the look.

Boho chics will choose a looser, flowy, long top for the on-trend relaxed style. To recreate the casual look, follow Chiara Ferragni and team your denim mini skirt with a chunky sweater and metallic shoes. On the other hand, lace-up sandals and sleek, understated accessories give a denim skirt just the right amount of polish. A smart nine-to-five ensemble gains a fresh identity with a denim pencil skirt. Team with a crisp blue shirt and embellished block heels for an intelligent office update.



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