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16 Mar

Why are Fashion Designers so “Last Decade”?

models during fashion show

Fashion designers take their inspiration from a wide range of sources. From the organic forms found in nature to the practical wear of yester year, there really is no limit on what can be weaved, sewn and spun in the mind of a true visionary. That said, if there is one direction in which every fashionista is looking, it is backwards: for it is the age of the re-wind, the vintage, and the season liberated from the attic.

The reasons for exactly why this should be the case are somewhat complicated, and likely have to do with the capacity of digital technologies both to document and make readily available images of past eras, combined with a certain doom-mongering lilt and fear of the future which has crept into the broader discourse.

In any event, it cannot be denied that the aesthetic of “remember when” is also the aesthetic of now.

So here we detail some of the best results of this paradoxical fact, and reflect on what it really means…

jay gatsby quote

Source: Hearty Wishes via Facebook

Coming to public attention in 2015, the casino fashion craze was catalysed by the success of films like Moulin Rouge, Casino Royale, and eventually Bazz Lurman’s The Great Gatsby. Though it can be thought of as a subset of vintage fashion in general, casino fashion does have its own distinct set of aesthetic values and conventions – often manifest in shining sequins, gleaming fabrics, and a preoccupation with glitz.

What’s doubly fascinating about casino fashion, however, is that it conforms to a strange pattern in the industry’s relationship with society: the veneration of a particular style just as it starts to disappear from the real world; a sort of cultural necrophilia.

For while tuxes and ball gowns litter the catwalks, the brick-and-mortar casinos are haemorrhaging business to their online counterparts. And this is hardly surprising; online casino games such as those available on mFortune provide the option to pay via phone bill, are accessible on 99% of devices, and generally provide many a counter incentive to venturing out of the comfort of their own home. Sign-up bonuses and VIP programs are also among offers which make a site like mFortune attract more players online.

What’s perhaps triply fascinating about this exodus, then, is that the very same platform that has driven casino fashion into the public forum – digital technology, that is – is also what’s causing real-world examples of casino fashion to fade into anachronism.

And this is a story that plays out in even broader fields…

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