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31 Jan

Marni Spring Summer 2009

is known for their cheerful Italian taste, which includes layers, colours and unique patterns. Their collection is like Jackie O. wearing stripes and some other different textures, especially big dots. Why Jackie O.? The thing is, that they try to arrange this mess into a classic form.

I’m not a big fan of Marni, because IMHO their designs are too exaggerated. I don’t like such daring combinations of different colours and textures. I agree for this, if only there is an idea in this mess and for me, Marni has no idea at all – it looks like they admire the unaccustomed mess. I didn’t like the costumes with stripes from top to bottom, I didn’t like the exaggerated use of colours (three is enough for me), long, knee-length socks (lame!), see-through pants and ruffle-fronted swimsuits.

However, there are some highlights of the show, some lovely elements, that are extinguishable in this fashion gibber.  What I liked though, were the clutches, bags in general (especially bags with ribbons), oversized jewellery including giant earrings and enormous gorgets, fantasy gloves, pencil skirts, floral prints and using yellow tint as a positive colour, elucidating whole outfit. I’m also a fan of the 20s waist trend, meaning big belts highlighting waist.

Marni is said to dedicate their designs to the wealthy, overly romantic buyers, not for the mass market. I always feel sorry for the people who spend a lot of money on fashion and who look tacky. And this is Marni – one of these fashion labels whose designs you have to be truly aware of.

Marni Spring Summer 2009 Milan Ready To Wear

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Marni Spring Summer 2009 Milan Ready To Wear

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