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Ralph Lauren turtleneck
New Ways to Style a Turtleneck
Cozy and chic, a simple turtleneck is a luxe sweater weather staple. Although every woman has at least one turtleneck in her wardrobe and certainly knows how to wear it, a turtleneck has undergone a major fashion update.
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girl wearing plaid scarf
6 Ways To Wear Your Favourite Plaid
Since plaid is a must-have pattern for cold-weather styles, it is no surprise this fall season it gets a fashionable upgrade. Rooted in the classics, the plaid will satisfy fans of heritage-style clothing, outdoor enthusiasts and sophisticated ladies alike.
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Trench Coats That Save The Day
If there is one item a woman cannot live without in spring, it is a basic, functional, and well-tailored trench coat. During the tricky trans-seasonal months, the trench coat saves the day, especially when it is windy or rainy.
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1 May

Nail Polish Trends for Summer 2012

Essie A Crewed Interest nail polish

What are the latest nail trends for summer 2012?

Express yourself with a freshly polished manicure! “Ornate or crazy manicures are impressive, but at the end of the day, simplicity of a perfectly lacquered nail wins. It’s the ultimate accessory” says ’s Peter Philips.

Essie A Crewed Interest nail polish

- A Crewed Interest

Milky Peach Nail Polish

This subtle orange tint is inspired with sherbet, an iced dessert containing both fruit juice and milk. The fresh, and yummy shade brings to mind the spirit of holiday yet translates into a more high-fashion look. Warm peachy-pink is trendy and safe enough to wear it in the office.
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Kleancolor Nail Lacquer

Kleancolor - Neon Orange

Tangerine Nail Polish

Inspired by Sephora and Pantone’s colour trend forecasting, the vibrant tangerine tango shade has apparently a humble origin: an orange peel. Your fingertips and toes will love the energetic boost of popping intense reddish-orange colour straight out of the swinging ’60s. Ditch last season’s pearly and opalescent right now!
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China Glaze Nail Polish

- For Audrey

Pastel Nail Polish

Pretty polishes that will have your fingertips looking fancy. Whether you choose sweet lilac, pistachio green, pale blue, juicy watermelon or translucent pink, demure pastels are incredibly sophisticated and refined, but with a magical touch for the perfect fairytale ending.
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Shellac - Red Baroness

Pink-Red Nail Polish

Stay on-trend right down to the tips of your with a creamy deep luscious berry. Delicious and fashion-forward, this nail polish brings to mind blowing raspberries ripening in the sun. Red and pinkish pigment combination results in the elegant nail colour you won’t resist.
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OPI Nail Polish

- Tickle My France-y

Nude Nail Polish

They say, nude is the new black. Although beige nail polish matches your skin tone and looks like a nail foundation it adds an instant touch of flair to your nails. Classic, chic and fashionably indispensable a good nude nail polish lengthens your fingers impeccably.
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