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3 Jan

Rock & Republic Fall 2008 Winter 2009

The Rock & Republic FW 08 fashion show was displayed in on the day 2. I was never particularly interested in their designs ever since Rock & Republic and simply split, but it looks like their designs have developed a lot. Maybe the reason why was is that I still have in mind these bum-flattering jeans line designed by Posh.

Rock & Republic is a newcomer to the fashion world, as the house was founded in 2002 by Michael Ball, who Posh had allegly a quarrel with. The house features lines for men, women and children, including maternity wear, women’s shoes and recent introductions of eye wear, handbags, cosmetics, belts etc.

I must say I like their fall 2008 and winter 2009 collection. Maybe the reason are these feminine trends of FW 08, maybe it’s because of Rock & Republic who have done a great job, creating ultra-sexy tuxedos, fabulous coats and accessorizig them with fedoras – which I am not really a fan of.

Somehow, all their outfits look totally great, I even liked the trendy combination of a leather biker jacket, pleated skirt and a pair of crimson pointed toe shoes. The only accusation against the Rock & Republic FW 08 collection is that they have used only few colours of different shades: grey, brown, navy, violet and black. Chapeau bas for the fabulous silky dresses!

Rock & Republic Fall 2008 Winter 2009 - New York Fashion Week fashion show

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Rock & Republic Fall 2008 Winter 2009 - New York Fashion Week fashion show

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