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Refresh Your Style With A Laser-cut Leather Bag

Shoes & Accessories

Give basic accessories a modern edge this season with sharp laser-cut. Irresistible cutout handbags update your everyday wardrobe. Each style comes in a bit different style and thanks to the
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Simplified Skincare: Get the Clear, Radiant Complexion you Desire

blemish free skin
Beauty & Hair

All women, regardless of age or personal taste, want great skin. Even when our hair is perfect and our outfits are on point, blemishes or lackluster skin can make us
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Hi-Tech Gadgets Fashion Bloggers Can’t Live Without

Miggy smartphone
Lifestyle Blog

One of many stereotypes about fashion bloggers is that they are solely attached to their gadgets. Whether they are attending Fashion Week shows or taking pictures of inspiring outfits on the streets, it seems like their cameras, tablets and phones are something they can’t live without.

Getting Clever with Nail-decor

nail art
Beauty & Hair

For any well-executed ensemble, every fashionista knows that glamour is from “head” to “toe.” Whether you are blowing a kiss or fishing for your ID, your fingernails leave an everlasting impression. So get adventurous and try one of these seven ideas this spring!

What To Wear On A First Date? See The Best Looks

Michael Kors wrap dress

First date with your new beau has got to be one of the hardest situations to find the right look for, right girls? Do I wear a dress? Heels? Flats? Ahh, my nerves! Relax! These tips and star-worthy date-night picks will help you make your valentine swoon.

Would You Wear Transparent Heels AKA Clear Heels?

Shoes & Accessories

Want to make your style intentions perfectly clear? Try these clear AKA transparent heels out! This kind of footwear feels as light as air and makes it your best runway-inspired find of the season.

5 Valentine’s Day Fashion Mistakes

Valentines cupcakes

We all know that love and romance are not easy things to understand. And when you add fashion into this mix, especially during Valentine’s Day, you are in trouble. Here are five Valentine’s Day fashion mistakes you must keep away from and you will succeed.

Secret Weaponry: The Lingerie Women Wear & What It Says About Them

Marie Meili red lingerie

There is often a lot more going on underneath a girl’s clothes than anyone might realise. The most interesting part is that the type of underwear a woman slips on in the morning is linked to the type of person she is! Must-read detailed guest post by Susannah, self-confessed sexy lingerie addict!

Spring 2015 Fashion Must-Haves

Ohne Titel spring 2015 fashion show
Fashion Trends

Time to update your wardrobe with the latest Spring arrivals. Do you know what clothes and accessories are must-haves in 2015? Use this cheat sheet for your shopping sprees to get geared up for spring summer 2015!

Choosing Spring 2015 Romance With Black Lace Dress

Karen Millen black lace dress
Fashion Trends

Romantic style is still in! Reinvent your cocktail look with these playful lace pieces – get metro chic with sleek and sophisticated dresses or try one of the timeless lace accessories. Look to a spring 2015 fashion shows to get inspired!

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