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2 Sep

The Best Leather Jackets For Your Body Shape

woman in a red leather jacket

One of the most common outerwear worn by women that never goes out of fashion is a leather jacket, a famous cover up for all types of women. Sometimes it is thought that new discoveries will never change its future. Leather jackets can be paired with many different kinds of outfits and you can choose the way you want to stand out in the crowd like a famous celebrity.

The addition of a leather jacket is essential to any Fall/Winter wardrobe when you want to add a little edge or just polish up an everyday look. Keep it casual with boyfriend jeans and sneakers, or ramp things up a bit and layer your leather over a body-con dress and statement pumps.

Knowing the Different Styles of Women’s Leather Jacket

different styles of woman leather jacket

Women’s leather jacket offers protection from rain or wind and it will also provide warmth while giving you an exotic look. In many cases these leather coats can be very expensive but when shopping you may find some other affordable options for you. There are different styles of this jacket which are available in different outlets. To find a jacket that will give you a desired celebrity look, check out for these styles.

Suede leather jackets

This is one of the most classiest styles of jackets in the market that are worn by famous people in the entertainment industry and business world. Since this is made of a supple and soft material, it can be very delicate and feminine but like the other jackets it still gives warmth, protection and fashionable look of the wearer. However, a suede jacket is not suitable in the rain like the treated leather jacket and is more difficult to clean than any of the other types.

Leather jackets with fur and wool accents

woman in a wool accent leather jacket

This jacket provides a remarkable soft appearance and additional benefits apart from a great deal of comfort and extra warmth. If you are looking for a jacket that will change the fierce look of women’s on-trend leather biker jacket, this can be the best option to take.

Genuine leather

woman in a leather jacket photo

Leather jackets for women are offered in different styles such as bomber and biker jacket or blazers. These ones are well known for their quality, versatility and durability. Although each of them holds a different type of attitude, they all have different advantages and disadvantages. Blazers are more “show-off” than any other type and they let other people see more of your feminine side. On the other hand, motorcycle and bomber leather jackets show the impression of having a strong personality.

Considering your Budget and the Jacket’s Color

burgundy leather jacket photo

With all the latest styles of leather jacket in the market, every woman can choose the style that she prefers the most. Many women who are in the Midwest may choose jackets for Western people or the cowgirl type of a leather jacket. They come in different sizes, so whatever size you need, you can always find a perfect one for you. Leather jackets are considered timeless investments, so if you want to purchase the best one, consider your budget, the style of the jacket and its colour. Some of the high quality types are expensive and the most popular colour is black. Also, navy and brown are also gaining more and more popularity because of many celebrities wearing jackets in these colours too.

Taking into Account the Texture

textured leather jacket photo

You must consider the texture of the leather jacket you want to buy. Make sure you will feel comfortable wearing it. Many people choose softer and lighter leather because it offers more ease while wearing. When buying a jacket, ask a shop assistant to make necessary alterations to achieve the desired comfort.

Visit stores that specialize in women jackets so that you get the most of a variety of selections by trying on different styles. Through this, you will be able to find the jacket that provides you a celebrity look and will last for many years to come.

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