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16 Mar

3 Tips to Prepare Yourself for Wedding Season

wedding roses

As springtime draws near, it can only mean one thing: season is about to kick off. Every year, starting in March and then roaring in at full force every weekend of the summer, millions of couples across the nation will celebrate the beginning of a beautiful relationship.

But along with all the excitement and revelry comes a little bit of stress. As anyone who has hosted a bridal party or a bachelorette party can attest, it isn’t a simple task.

With some good planning and a few key preparation tips, however, you can pull it off without a hitch. Most of it is about taking the right attitude and understanding what’s truly important. So, if you keep your head on straight and don’t get too stressed about the small details, everything will go great.

Here are three tips to help you prepare for season.

1. Make the Bachelorette Party Intimate


The popular image of a bachelorette party is a wild night out on the town with too much booze and a lot of craziness. That may have played well in the past — and still might be suitable for the right bride — but, in general, more and more brides want something simpler. Plus, most people did enough of that in college, and this is a milestone moment in life.

Thus, it will often be better to keep things much more chill and intimate. Eat some great food, then break out some wine and laughter. Just sitting around in a good location together with a few conversation-sparking games and activities is really all you need. And there’s no need to invite 20 people if they don’t seem to fit in with the core group.

This might seem like it will feel too much like a bridal shower. But that will likely be a daytime affair that includes more relatives and has an air of formality and stuffiness. For a bachelorette party, think small, personal, fun and intimate over an out-of-control blowout you could have in Vegas. You may even want to rent a house or cabin far away from everything for the weekend if everyone is on board for a short trip. Ultimately the talks you have and the memories you make will be deeper and longer-lasting.

2. Give Heartfelt Bridal Gifts

gifts for bridesmaids

Bridal gifts are a staple of any season, and you want to make yours memorable for the beloved bride in your life. Long after they have forgotten about the item itself, brides will cherish the thought and effort you put into getting something special.

A signature piece of jewelry is always a great touch. Additionally, a day at the spa — especially in a group package where you can enjoy the outing together — will make anyone’s day. Or, buying some lingerie is sure to be a fun, personal and thoughtful way to get the bride excited for her big day in more ways than one.

You can also go in together with several other close friends and loved ones on a larger luxury item. Perhaps you can all contribute to a home décor showpiece or some artwork that will live on for decades in the couple’s new home. Naturally, you want to know it will be appreciated, and knowing if she has a specific wishlist item will help. But no matter which option you go with, make sure it comes from the heart.

3. Offer Emotional Support

girls in knit sweaters

Even with the happiest couple in the world, the bride will be going through all sorts of emotions in the months and weeks leading up to the wedding. Indeed, the best possible thing anyone in her life can do is to offer support. Be there for her if she needs anything, and look for ways to make her experience easier.

When it comes to logistics, you can help with some small errands. Drop by with a homemade meal out of the blue so she doesn’t have to cook one night. Or, just do something simple but helpful — like picking up some extra coffee the week before the wedding, since she’s likely to have many guests. It’s the little things that really add up.

On the emotional side, don’t wait for her to start pouring her heart out. You should know her by now, but many people won’t just open up about their wedding-day fears and worries. If she isn’t sharing, ask some questions and remind her that you’re there as she moves forward with one of the biggest decisions of her life.

Season Readiness

bride in a wedding dress

Another season is almost underway. Matrimony and love are in the air. What a time to be alive! And if you keep a few key things in mind as the big event grows nearer, you will be perfectly prepared to help the loving couple have the best day of their lives.
Do your best to help plan an intimate, memorable bachelorette party. Make sure your gift to the bride comes directly from the heart. And, above all else, offer your complete emotional support.

Every wedding, and every season, will be a bit different. There will be surprises — both good and bad. But if you prep yourself for the important, personal parts of the experience, it’s sure to go better for everyone involved.

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