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21 Oct

How To Choose The Best Diamond For An Engagement Ring

engagement ring man

You’ve been together for quite some time now, you’re completely in love and you want to pop that all important question. But hold on, what kind of ring is she going to like? An engagement is quite possibly going to be one of the most important investments that you make in your entire life, and it’s always going to represent something special to your partner. Thanks to their timeless status, diamond rings are by far the most popular kind of engagement ring, but if you want to get it absolutely perfect, there are a few things that you’ll want to consider.

What Shape Should The Diamond Be?

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It’s no surprise that a round diamond is the most popular shape for an engagement ring, as they’re able to reflect light like no other, and they are incredibly classic. In fact, over three quarters of engagement rings that are purchased end up being a round shape, showing how popular the round shape is. However, not every bride-to-be wants to be traditional, and so there are a range of other slightly unconventional shapes that you can choose from, including a princess cut or an emerald cut.  Fancy shapes are often more risky choices if you have no input from your other half on the decision, however you can save up to 40% if your diamond doesn’t take a round shape.

How Big Should The Diamond Be?

engagement ring couple

Of course, the bigger the diamond, the more expensive the engagement ring will be, so this factor often depends on your budget. However, you should never feel guilty about purchasing a smaller ring, as actually, they can catch the light and sparkle just as much as a bigger diamond ring. When deciding upon a size, it’s often wise to consider the practicality of it. If you have a girlfriend who uses her hands a lot on a daily basis, a larger engagement ring might look spectacular, but in reality, it’s probably not going to be the most convenient. Plus, no girl wants to keep taking off her gorgeous engagement ring because it’s disrupting whatever she’s doing. Therefore, depending on the shape you have chosen too, you should put all of these factors into consideration.

The Quality Of The Diamond

engagement ring

This is determined by a number of things, including the colour, cut and clarity of the diamond. Once again, the higher-quality these factors are, the higher the price for the engagement ring will become. The cut of the ring will determine the brilliance and sparkle of the diamond. Regardless of how good the other factors are, a bad cut will make the diamond look lifeless. So, if you want the engagement ring to catch the light in all the best ways, picking a high quality cut is the best thing to do. When it comes to colour, the most popular decision is a colourless or white diamond, however for something more noticeable and different, selecting a colour for your engagement ring can look magical as long as the other factors complement it well. Lastly, you need to decide upon the clarity of the engagement ring, as this has the least impact on how the ring will look. Once you have completed this process, you should have the perfect engagement ring, which your girl is never going to want to take off.

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