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17 Nov

Rethink These 5 Aspects of Your Wedding

forest wedding ceremony

When it comes to weddings, there are many avenues to take to achieve your ideal situation, despite what you may have heard from others that celebrated the big day before. No matter your perceptions about planning your , you can bring your own individuality to the table to make it a unique experience for you and everyone involved. Feel free to step outside the box and do something different by rethinking these aspects of your wedding.

1. The Venue

The perfect venue may seem impossible before getting started with wedding plans, but the reality is you don't necessarily have to spend a ton of money to secure a gorgeous venue that checks off all your boxes. Depending on where you live and the atmosphere you wish to present for yourself and your guests, you can opt to have a wedding in unconventional locations. Many couples decide on weddings in their backyard or even at the seaside.

This is a once in a lifetime opportunity to live out your wildest wedding dreams and there are many options at your disposal. If you have a few ideas in mind, make a list, rank them, and whittle it down until you have the most viable one to execute for your wedding day.

2. The Entertainment

wedding guests

You're going to need entertainment for the big day, and the conventional DJ or band is what most people decide on. Of course, these are nice additions, and they usually work just fine, but if you want to think outside the box, there are other options to consider as well.

A clown or acrobat is a sure-fire way to ensure that no one forgets your wedding day. Another popular trend is using a slideshow to display to guests to take a trip down memory lane together. A professional painter on hand to capture those special moments is also a nice touch that will convey the intimacy of your wedding day for everyone involved.

3. The Getaway Option

When you are leaving your wedding, the conventional approach is a car that sends you and your loved one off towards the honeymoon. But that is not the only option that you have at your disposal on your wedding day. If you chose to have your wedding near or on the sea or lake, your guests can witness you depart on a boat or jet ski. For a wedding in a park, a scooter that whisks you away to the next destination is another cool addition that is fun and never to be forgotten.

4. The Reception Dress

wedding first dance

Everyone always remembers the wedding dress, but that doesn't mean you can't change the game with two dresses on your special day. A reception dress after the wedding is a great way to incorporate another dress that perhaps you wanted to wear down the aisle but chose another one instead.

No matter what made you come to your decision, the reception dress should be different from your wedding dress, so if your wedding dress came with a long train, then opt for a short dress to wear to your reception so that you can dance with no hassles. Wedding dresses should be fashionable as well as functional, and with two options on hand, you have even more chances to make an impression on your guests.

5. The Food

Another memorable part of the wedding day will be what the guests eat, and this is where you want people to be truly happy. There are many options to consider, from a set menu to a buffet-style alternative that features a few of your favorite dishes. This may work well if you take a poll beforehand and get guests' feedback on their preferred dishes.

Based on their responses, you will better cater to most people's wishes and avoid any unnecessary stress. You can also use certain dishes as a tribute to your heritage to incorporate the history of your family through the cuisine.

Embrace Your Memorable Day

For your wedding day, the sky is truly the limit in how creative you can get and how you want to present yourself for your closest friends and family. A bit of ingenuity and execution are necessary to ensure success, but it can be done when thinking outside the box. Once you make the decision to consider alternative options, you can plan the most amazing wedding day that makes for a lifetime of memories.

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