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16 Jun

Tricky Trend: Sneaker Wedges

Marc Jacobs sneaker wedges

Fans of Beyoncé will be familiar with the sneaker wedge, which she wore for her ‘Love On Top’ video. Part sports shoe, part wedge, this intriguing footwear hybrid bridges the gap between relaxed casual wear and high fashion. While they looked fab on Queen B, sneaker wedges can be hard to pull off for day to day wear, as they mix two ends of the fashion spectrum that never usually meet. Let’s take a look at how you can make sneaker wedges work for you.

Sneaker wedges: the sport-luxe look

The sport-luxe trend is a world away from your gym kit. Instead of saggy vests and lycra, think shiny satin, cosy cashmere and plenty of glitz. This is most definitely sportswear high-fashion style – sweat is out and you won’t see the sport-luxe models at Marc Jacobs or Alexander Wang heading out for a run after a show or fashion shoot. This is great news for lazy girls, as it means we can all work a bit of sport-luxe into our wardrobes this spring.

Marc Jacobs sneaker wedges

Marc Jacobs sneaker wedges for women

At first glance, this season’s sport-luxe trend might seem like a nightmare if you hate flat shoes. Many people find they feel lost without their heels and rely on those extra inches to give them added confidence at work and at play. Fortunately, sneaker wedges, such as the pretty Isabel Marant pair worn by Beyoncé in her “Love on Top” music video, are a great way to work the sporty trend without compromising on your footwear. Wedges are a comfy, laid-back alternative to heels that promise to boost your height and your confidence. What’s more, wedges provide better support than heels, meaning you can wear them for longer without getting sore feet!

How to wear wedges with the sport luxe look

If you want to channel Beyoncé with a pair of sneaker wedges, then you’ll need to find the right outfit to make this difficult trend work for you. For an eclectic eighties edge, team with brightly coloured leggings and an oversized grey sweater. Alternatively, wear your wedges with a pair of fab fishnet tights and a ra-ra skirt for a feminine take on sport-luxe. If you’re feeling bold, skater-style skirts in fluourescent fabrics are the ultimate in disco style. Wear with statement earrings and acrylic beads to complete the look. For a more toned-down take on the look, wear a black elasticated skirt with a plain pastel tee and pastel wedge sneakers, to combine the sport-luxe look with this season’s sherbert shades.

Jewel colours are a great way to add a bit of class to your sportswear style. Favourites include baggy trousers and harem pants in silk and satin fabrics. The slinky, flowing fabrics are comfy but classy – perfect for hitting the bar or dancing the night away. The right jewellery can enhance the look, but remember to keep it subtle: think silver and jewel colours, matching your earrings to your wedges, for top to toe elegance with an ethnic edge.

Rock & Candy sneaker wedges

Rock & Candy sneaker wedges for women

While wedge-sneakers aren’t the easiest trend in the world, they are the ideal choice for working the sport-luxe look and will look great when teamed with the right accessories, like a stack of simple friendship bracelets or a silver necklace. Brooches are also going to be huge for summer 2012, and costume jewellery brand Pearl & Butler do a range of brooches to suit all styles.

If you’re looking to try out a new, more sporty look, but find it hard to part with your heels, then wedge-sneakers are the shoe for you. Whether you like to make a statement or blend in with the crowd, you can work this funky footwear choice into your day to day wardrobe and look a million dollars, just like Queen B!