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19 Jul

5 Types of Wedges to Make a Style Statement In Summer

Delicious KAYLA wedge

Wedges are an essential kind of footwear when summer rolls in though there are plenty of styles that keep popping up all year round. From wedge pumps to sneaker wedges, there are so many trends that you have almost limitless options to wear from morning till the night.

If you’re looking to make a style statement with wedges this season, here are 5 types you should consider:

Cut Out Wedges

cut-out platform wedge

Zali GREEN cut-out platform wedge

Cut out wedges essentially are the kind that have some sort of cut out pattern to them. This cut out may be in a laddered pattern, it could be geometric shapes, floral patterned, or something more abstract. Cut out wedges may have other variations to them as well.

Some cut out wedges have lace up fronts that give them some more personality. Cut out wedges in neutral colors such as beige may well be appropriate for everyday wear. Other styles such as laser cut outs and metallic colors are more apropos for formal wear and clubbing as they made more of a rowdy style statement.

Studded Leather Wedges

Chinese Laundry studded wedge

Jam Session Bootie

Studded clothing and accessories are the rage in the fashion industry. It’s no wonder that wedges have caught up with this trend as well. Studded leather wedges are most popular in styles that have the sides of the wedges covered entirely with studs rather than the front of the wedges.

However, if that’s too edgy for you, there are several more options depicting ‘tame’ styles of studded leather like Minnetonka Moccasins wedges available.

Sneaker Wedges

Chloe sneakers

sneaker wedges

No list of wedges can ever again be complete without sneaker wedges. Love them or hate them, sneaker wedges are here to stay and there are plenty of different variations of them to suit everyone’s style.

Sneaker wedges make a style distinctly on their own by giving you the comfort and casual look of a pair of sneakers with the classiness of a heeled shoe like a wedge. Sneaker wedges is one of the hottest footwear trends for summer 2013, so you can consider having a pair or two in your wardrobe.

Animal Print Wedges

Calvin Klein Leopard Wedge Sandal

Danette Leopard wedge

Animal prints rarely leave any fashion item alone, they take it over and make it more fierce and attractive than before. Animal print wedges come in a lot of styles, prominently though in the peep-toe style and the ankle strap style.

Other variations in animal print styles off late include prints done with a glitter finish rather than a matte one, and also prints with studs to mix the ferocity of the animal print with the edgy fashion of the day.

Mary Jane Wedges

Delicious KAYLA wedge

Delicious KAYLA Mary Jane wedge pump

This style of wedges is a classic and has no chance of getting old. Mary Janes are mostly plain with an ankle strap to give off a school girlish kind of look.

However, they have a grace to them that is rare to get by with any other style of wedges, which makes them a style that remains popular despite changing footwear trends and ideal for both formal and casual wear.

Wedges are a versatile species of footwear that come in enough styles to make them popular among women of all ages and preferences. They are also great to transition from one season to another and yet make a style statement worthy not just notice, but acclaim.