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19 May

How To Carve Out A Modelling Career?


If your friends and acquaintances have always told you that you have the looks and talents of a model, then maybe you should give this profession a try. Here are compiled a few tips which can help you to carve out a modelling career on the right note.

swimwear model

Would you join legendary bikini models?

Choose your niche

Choosing the right niche of modelling is an important criterion for aspirants who want to take it up seriously. The primary markets here are for the following types of models:

  • Fashion models
  • Runway models
  • Glamour models
  • Fitness models
  • Swimsuit models
  • Body-parts models

What kind of market you choose depends on what kind of model aspirations you have along with your suitability and comfort level. Fashion models for example will need to flaunt a height of 5’8” at least with a reed-thin body and zero curves. Swimsuit and Glamour models on the other hand need to be endowed with curves and luscious attractiveness. Body part models again need not restrict themselves to any body size. They rather need to have the body part to be captured in the limelight in especially good condition.

runway model

You need to be statuesque to become a runway model

So as you see, there is a wide scope in this profession now and you may choose any field that suits your eligibility standards for starting up. Remember though that it’s not easy to become a Fashion or Runway model at the first go. These positions usually stay occupied by veterans in the trade.

Prepare yourself


As a model, you will have a free access to tried-and-true beauty secrets that you can use in your everyday life

Preparing yourself as a model is a task that you need to do from the day when you decide to harp on this profession. And that’s not difficult with the internet at your disposal. Check out model service sites here to get the best advice and guidance on model preparation. Registration is free on these sites and even acclaimed models admit that they are the best venues to get useful tips on:

  • Grooming
  • Posing
  • Exercising
  • Eating healthy
  • Make-up
  • Photography
  • Handling rejections

Know thyself

models pose

Knowing your model statistics is crucial for starting a modelling career

Whether you are hiring an agent to market your capabilities in the fashion and modelling world or trying to establish your foothold here as a freelance model, it’s important that you know your potentials to good limits. And that includes knowing your vital statistics and endurance level too apart from knowing your:

  • Dress/shoe size
  • Color of hair/skin/eye

Get a Portfolio and a Z-Card

portfolio picture

Your modeling portfolio should consist only of great photos. You only get one chance to make a good first impression as a model

Your portfolio is vitally important a component in this profession. So you must take special care in getting it built from pros on the job. Your employer can judge how you will look in professional photography only from here and if it’s not good enough, your chances score low.

A composite or a Z-card containing your miniature photos, statistics information and contact details is also important to be obtained for the purpose.

Contact modelling bureaus

Your last step would be to contact employers in the industry who hire models for assignments. Remember that it may take you some time to find a job, as initial rejections are common in the modelling profession. But if you have the patience and potential in you, it’s bound to come in due course.


Beautiful models

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