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13 Jul

Bridal Trends for 2014: Classic Elegance Meets Modern Romance

floral bridal influences
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Planning a wedding can be the happiest and most stressful time in a couple’s life, and keeping up with the latest trends might feel more like a chore than a chance to explore new themes. Fortunately, this year sees a return to some classic favorites that might help ease the process. Weddings this year will combine elements of traditional style and modern romance to create a blend of personal flair. Here are some of the top wedding trends for 2014.

wedding dresses

Thousands of wedding dresses but only one right wedding dress for you. Flickr

Floral Sensation

floral bridal influences

Flowers remain a true bridal inspiration. Some rights reserved by Jin.Dongjun

Floral arrangements remain a constant in the wedding industry, but this year brides and grooms are taking the flower obsession to a whole new level. Inspired by larger-than-life sculptures, couples have requested fuller arrangements featuring lush pairings of classic flowers and ornate foliage. This year’s floral designs will be designed to draw the eye upward as tall vases dominate guest tables during the reception. These grand arrangements will also make their way into bridal bouquets and attendant floral designs.

Pretty in Pink

Neutral tones that once dominated the bridal landscape have taken a backseat to this year’s most exciting development: bright colours are back in this year, and pink plays a larger role than ever. From brilliant orchid to muted peach, shades of pink reign supreme in this year’s colour schemes. But couples should also keep in mind that the overall theme for 2014 is subdued elegance, and brighter colours may clash with other more traditional elements. Muted tones of peach, light pink and cream will pair better with other style choices.

Back to Basics

wedding gown with tail

Traditional wedding gown with veil. Some rights reserved by epSos.de

This year, couples are returning to a simpler time when weddings were more formal and included special touches of elegance. Recent years have seen a departure from traditional elements like gloves and lace, but the new year will see an upswing in modern renditions of classic styles. Based largely on the popularity of movies like The Great Gatsby, weddings in 2014 will feature over-sized bouquets, longer veils and dinner jackets for the servers.

Unique and Elegant Patterns

Last year’s fun and funky chevron patterns have been replaced with more traditional shapes like stripes, floral design and latticework. The return to less distinct patterns works well with the overall return to traditional elements. Classic colours combined with lush floral arrangements will offset geometric prints nicely. Couples will also be utilizing handwritten elements in everything from wedding announcements to seating cards for the reception.

Reception Retrospective

1920s wedding

1920s-inspired wedding reception. Some rights reserved by benswing

In an odd juxtaposition with classic style elements, this year’s hottest reception trends actually call back to a more recent decade than the sumptuous 1920s. Couples everywhere have opted for fun and quirky receptions featuring photo booths, live hip-hop bands and a mix of tunes more reminiscent of the 1990s than the Roaring Twenties. But the spirit of partying lives on in both decades, and it’s this spirit that makes its way to receptions in 2014 as couples throw longer and more lavish parties to celebrate their nuptials.

Simple Sophistication

elegant wedding dress

Simple sophistication is something you can always rely on. Flickr

In a phrase, weddings in 2014 will center on simple sophistication. Everything from the details of attendant jewelry to guest favors and invitations will reflect a return to classic styles and elegant themes. But couples do not need to tone down their vibrant spirit in order to stay on trend. Brides are adding splashes of colourful hues to their gowns, and ornate jeweled necklines take prominence over traditional minimalist style.