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9 Dec

Black Is The New Trend In Bridal Jewelry

black diamond ring
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One of the most important pieces of jewelry a woman will ever receive is her engagement ring, and every bride to be wants that unique piece that stands out from the rest. While brightly colored precious stones are an option and white diamonds are considered classic, the more understated and unique future bride may find herself gravitating toward black diamonds jewelry.

black diamond ring

Black Diamond Engagement Ring inspired by Carrie Bradshaw’s gift from Mr. Big in Sex and the City 2

With the right setting and cut, black diamonds can be truly stunning. Much more rare than the well known white or clear diamond, a black diamond has an air of sophistication and beauty that is more incomparable. With a much more matte finish (they tend to be a bit more muted than ‘sparkly’) they are definitely sure to make you stand out, as everyone future bride is wont to do. They also look wonderful with many types of bands, from platinum to silver to gold or even white gold. A beautiful black diamond adds that certain flare that you just can’t find anywhere else. You can also choose to offset it with white diamonds in the setting, so the stone stands out even more.

These stunning stones are not just for your engagement ring, however. For those brides who wish to match their ring to their wedding day jewelry, black diamonds can be set into bracelets and pendants, adding that extra special touch. They are perfect for offsetting your dress without taking away from your own personal beauty on your big day, and can be kept for wear long after the wedding day is over.

black and white diamond pendant necklace

Angel Wing black and white diamond pendant necklace

When shopping for black diamonds be sure when visiting a store that they have a reputed dealer on hand ready to to answer any and all questions. There are many diamonds on the market today that, while labeled as black diamonds, are actually colored stones in darker shades that have simply been treated to give the appearance of a black diamond.

Be sure to ask the jeweler if the diamonds are natural or enhanced, so that you are getting the exact type of stone that you are willing to pay for. Never settle for a ring or other piece of jewelry if you are unsure. Don’t be afraid to ask questions, be inquisitive, and to consider your various options.

black diamond infinity bracelet

White gold black diamond infinity bracelet

Unlike white diamonds, black diamonds are considered brittle and therefore are much harder to cut. This can make the price a little higher than a traditional diamond, but there are settings and stones to be found in most any budget. Shopping online for your jewelry may also provide you with options that shopping in a simple jewelry store can not. There are many shapes, cuts, sizes and settings to choose from, and can be sent directly to you through a host of mailing options.

Every bride to be wants to stand out, and what better way than through your jewelry? Your wedding and engagement rings will be seen every day, by everyone that you meet, and they shouldn’t be bland and boring. Dare to stand out and make a statement, and to be fashion forward.

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