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10 Jan

Perfect Bridal Accessories: Lingerie and Jewellery

white bridal lingerie

Bridal lingerie serves two functions – it makes you look gorgeous on your wedding night (of course!) and it also helps your wedding dress to look or fit better. Depending on the style you choose it can lift, sculpt, enhance or minimise different areas, giving you your dream figure to show off in a close-fitting bridal gown!

It’s still the way it looks that is the top priority for most brides though. You might opt for shapewear, but this is not the time for ugly nude-toned waist cinchers or Bridget Jones style ‘granny panties’. Luckily, in recent years brands have realised that shapewear can be one of their biggest sellers if done correctly, and there are now a wide variety of beautiful and, yes, even sexy shapewear styles out there perfect as bridal lingerie!

bride photo

When it comes to your wedding night however you might want to go that one step further and choose not just beautiful lingerie, but beautiful accessories to match. The right lingerie accessories can help to emphasise the look you want to achieve with your lingerie, whether it is a sexy and luxurious look, a subtle and sophisticated appearance or a pretty and feminine style. Here are some great ways to compliment your bridal lingerie…

bride photo

Bridal Jewellery

Jewellery can include the typical items such as earrings, necklaces and rings (although you should be happy enough with your new wedding ring!) but can also include more unique items such as a beautiful belly bar, a sparkling hair clip or even a precious anklet.

wedding photo

A beautiful necklace which glistens and sparkles in the light looks great above a beautiful plunge bra (and a great cleavage!) and will set off a glowing tan to perfection. However be sure to choose an appropriate type of necklace which will suit the colour and style of your lingerie – if you have opted for the traditional white and blue bridal lingerie team it with a clear diamond or crystal gem, or a blue Sapphire for a sohpisticated match.

Bridal Stockings

Personally, I think stockings are one of the sexiest things a woman can wear! Plus, whereas you might not normally feel comfortable in backseamed stockings, when you’re wearing a floor-length gown no one’s going to see them but the new hubby so it’s the perfect opporunity to throw caution to the wind and pop on a pair of deluxe, seamed stockings to match your lingerie!

stockings woman photo

Stockings are sure to be alluring and pleasing to the eye, on the wedding night and on the honeymoon too. You can buy hold-ups if you don’t want to wear suspenders, but be sure to choose good quality ones with a silicon top (not elastic) and wear them brand new out of the packet – you really don’t want hold ups falling down around your ankles whilst you make your way down the aisle!

Sheer stockings also have a tendency to ladder, no matter how good quality they were, so be sure to have a spare pair in your bag (or ask a close friend to keep them in hers) to change into at night if the daytime pair get damaged.

bride wearing stockings

Perfect bride should wear a breathtaking wedding dress and white nylon stockings underneath it

Bridal Garters

These are traditional accessories for brides, once worn and then tossed to the guests at the end of the day but now it is more common to buy a set of two garters, one to wear and one to toss – after all, you’ll want to keep that beautiful garter as a trinket to remind you of your wedding day for years to come!

garter photo

Bridal garters are beautiful additions to hold up stockings, or just wear one on bare legs. They are the perfect finishing touch to enhance elegant corsets, sexy babydolls or subtle and glamorous bra sets, available in a multitude of colours and styles to match any bridal lingerie you choose.

How are you planning to accessorise your bridal lingerie?