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20 Mar

Crop tops out in force for summer!

crop top asos

Crop tops are something that never seems to go out of fashion. Sure there are some that look better in them than others, but that does not mean that there are still not quite a few styles to choose from to help fit your unique style. Summer is going to be the time to test out your latest crop top ensemble. Hollywood always has quite a few popular styles to choose from in regards to the crop top fashion, but this summer is poised to supply one of the biggest varieties of crop top styles that we have ever seen.

The Hidden Belly Button

You do not have to show off your belly button in order to enjoy a nice crop top fashion. Many celebrities combined their favorite high-waisted skirt with a simple crop top in order to offer a little peak at their midriff. It is simple yet sexy and can be extremely stylish.

miley cyrus

shows off her toned abs at the iHeartRadio Music Festival

The Barely There Crop Top

It is true that crop tops are a fashion where it is meant to show a little bit of skin. While a little bit of skin is expected some people take that theory to extremes and wear a crop top that covers little more than a sports bra. It is a great sporty or casual look for someone that has that toned midriff that enjoys showing it off for the masses.

Teyana Taylor

Rapper/singer Teyana Taylor hits the streets of West Hollywood in a midriff-baring top

Back to the Basics

Most crop tops have become more of a fashion statement than they once were originally created to express. Crop tops were originally created as a casual look for a day at the beach or just for hanging out with friends. While there is so much more to the crop top fashion now it does not mean that it is not a great idea to get back to basics every once in a while.

another crop top

No More Muffin Top

Showing even a little bit of skin can be very sexy, but ever since the phrase “muffin top” was coined many women have steered away from the crop top. The crop top is not always the easiest look to pull off. Unless you spend hours in the gym every day it can be difficult to try to get the kind of abs that look great in a crop top. This does not mean that you have to avoid the crop top altogether for now the no more muffin top style is popular. This is when the crop top only offers a slight peak at the skin and does not expose the entire stomach.

fitted crop top

The Cover-up Crop Top

Just because you want to expose a little bit of skin does not mean that you have to expose everything. There are many crop top styles that will allow you to expose your midriff while still allowing you to cover up everything else. One of the most popular forms of this style is the turtleneck crop top. It allows you to expose your sexy midriff while still covering up all of the other important areas.

turtleneck crop top

The Tie Crop Top

This is a very relaxed style. It is easy to setup without going to a great deal of expense. It can even be easily made out of some old t-shirts. Simply slit the front of an old t-shirt so that you will be able to knot the fabric. It offers a sexy casual style that can help to express who you are while allowing you to remain comfortable.

tie crop top

The Mullet Crop Top

Sure there is a better name for this style, but nothing expresses businesses in the front, party in the back like the term mullet. This is an interesting crop top fashion, but a popular one all the same. It allows you to have the crop top appearance in the front but covers everything in the back. This is great for hiding muffin tops or any other unsightly imperfections.

Standard Crop Stop

The Standard Crop Stop

This used to be a fashion of rocker chicks, but has somehow evolved into an amazing style for the average person. It looks like basically a shrunken t-shirt. It allows you to cover up your upper half while showing off that wonderful midriff, popular style that never seems to fade away.

asos colorblock crop top