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14 Oct

Eye Make-up Trends for Fall 2009

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Eye make up is playing first fiddle in the current season, so it’s understandable that it has to be both eye-catching and colourful.

  1. Violet
  2. [singlepic id=1363 w=150 h=200 float=left] This is a statement colour for fall. This time violet has to be both daring and cheerful. You can choose from different shades like lavender, plum and aubergine, but make sure to apply the eyeshadow skillfully. Otherwise you will look tired and the shadows under your eyes will be exposed. How to do it in the right way? Let Bottega Veneta be your guide!

  3. Blue
  4. [singlepic id=1364 w=80 h=100 float=left] Blue is the colour I never dare to experiment with and it is rather reserved for the summer time. Anyway, this fall designers (such as Marc Jacobs) suggest to mix two blue shades: navy and light blue. A navy one should be applied on the upper eyelid while the light blue will need to find its place in the inner parts of the eye (the ones next to the nose).

  5. Smoky eyes
  6. [singlepic id=1366 w=80 h=90 float=left] They are perfect for the nighttime and for the parties in general. For fall 2009 it has to look a bit ‘unkept’ – as if it was smeared. Smoky eyes require a toned skin and a nude lipstick, so forget that ultra trendy 40s’-inspired daring red lips! See how Zac Posen does it.

  7. Gold
  8. [singlepic id=1367 w=80 h=80 float=left] Classic shades (including gold) never go out of fashion. Just use your voguish instinct to spice up a gold eyeshadow with some copper shades and go for the latest clothing trends like animal prints, safari or neons (see: Carolina Herrera – beauty).

  9. Pearly
  10. [singlepic id=1365 w=80 h=80 float=left] Pearly shades of white and pink are back as the eyeshadows for fall 2009 and they are a must-have for every romatic heart. Remember to create an exquisite frame: accentuated eyebrows and/or red lips (see: Matthew Williamson).