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The Best Pastel Nail Polish Colours For Spring
As seen in the local flower shops and ice-cream stores, laydylike sheer pastels reign supreme this spring. They epitomize femininity and project the fresh romanticism of young love. Add a touch of flair to your nails thanks to these refreshing pastel nail colours for spring.
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Dreamy Pastel Outfit Ideas To Get You Excited For Spring
Elegant and flattering pastels are one of spring's biggest fashion trends. On-trend shades of baby pink, soft green, pastel blue, and sorbet yellow were used prominently on the Prada, Givenchy and Louis Vuitton's catwalks. So, are you passionate for pastels?
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The Best Distressed Jeans for Spring
What's the one thing that every modern woman needs in her closet? Good denim. A nice pair of jeans is a brilliant base for any outfit, no matter the season. Spring, however is the perfect time for you to slip into a pair of distressed jeans so why not give them a try.
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23 Nov

Why All Natural Cosmetics are Better

Jennifer Aniston cosmetics

For the past few years, there has been a raging debate taking place about which type of cosmetics are better: the standard ones or those that are made of natural ingredients. To understand which type will give a woman the best overall benefits, several aspects of the two products will need to be compared, including safety, price, and effectiveness. To further complicate the matters, a woman will need to understand which labels and certifications actually mean that a product is natural and which ones are nothing more than marketing hype designed to boost sales and revenue.

Jennifer Aniston cosmetics

loves natural cosmetics

In terms of safety and health, there is no doubt that the natural cosmetics are much better than most of the chemical preparations that are created my makeup manufacturing companies. While the chemicals of a product are not ingested like food, there is a direct possibility that they could be absorbed into the skin through the act of direct application. In contrast to the food industry, makeup companies often are able to produce their makeup products without being unregulated. Many of the components of their products, including new chemical compounds, have not been adequately tested to be sure that they do not cause problems in the long run. On the other hand, the makeup products that only use natural ingredients have been well tested over time and the body’s reaction to the components is almost always well researched and documented. This means that the natural cosmetics are usually safer than the chemical compounds.

natural looking woman

Natural cosmetics have more benefits than the chemical products

With effectiveness, much will depend on an individual woman’s preferences and what she hopes to gain from the cosmetics she buys. At the same time, the natural cosmetics have been proven in scientific studies to have more benefits than the chemical products. One area where the natural versions excel is in treating skin conditions at the same time as presenting an attractive appearance. Many natural formulations contain ingredients that actively fight conditions such as rosacea and acne. Also, many women state that the appearance of natural cosmetics on their face creates less of a synthetic look. This means that the products blend better with the skin tone and do not have the caked appearance that is often present with chemical formulations.

girl using natural makeup cosmetics

Natural cosmetics mean less of a synthetic look

Price is the one area where the discussion of natural cosmetics gets somewhat tricky. It is true that natural cosmetics cost more in general, but an examination needs to be paid to the value that is gained with the extra money. In short, most natural products are clearly worth the small amount of extra money that is needed to purchase them. It is impossible to put a price on a woman’s health and appearance, but spending just a few dollars more will not only allow a woman to feel confident about the products she is applying to her face, but will also help her to be truly happy with how she looks in the mirror. Using online comparison sites, a woman can look at different brands of natural cosmetics and find products that have good reviews and a relatively low cost.