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7 Nov

Applying Eye Cream The Right Way!

It probably sounds so simple that you might wonder why anyone would need advice on how to apply eye cream – you just put it on, right? It is actually pretty amazing how many people think they know the right way to do it but have been doing it wrong from the start. It will only take you a few minutes to read this short article but if you buy good quality eye cream or eye treatment products, they come with a fairly hefty price tag, so learning how to apply them properly will help you to get maximum benefit from your investment!

Neocutis Lumiere caffeine-infused cream

Neocutis Lumiere

Give your eyes some caffeine

The first thing to ensure, before you even think about putting eye cream on, is to ensure that your facial skin is completely clean. This includes the eye area and you must ensure that you use a gentle product suitable for your skin type. Always be ultra careful when cleansing the eye area, firstly to ensure no product goes into the eyes and second that you never pull or stretch the skin, either during cleansing or drying your skin.

The 4 Steps To Perfect Eye Cream Application

  1. Dot a very small amount of eye cream onto the tip of your left hand ring finger. Touch this to the corresponding fingertip on your right hand to divide the cream into two equal amounts.
  2. Apply your left fingertip to your left eye with gentle tapping motions over the orbital bone that surrounds the eye. Repeat with your right finger onto your right eye. Once you have dotted the cream on, you can gently pat it into your skin until it is absorbed. Never be tempted to rub it in.
  3. Never apply eye cream inside the orbital bone. The cream will spread itself where required so there is no need to worry that you have ‘missed a bit’. Applying it too close to your eye risks getting product into your eyes which at best, will be uncomfortable and at worst could cause an unpleasant reaction.
  4. You must only ever pat the skin around your eye, never rub it and if the eye cream does not absorb immediately, wait a few moments until it does. If it has not all absorbed in this time, you have applied too much and are wasting your money! Blot off the excess with a clean facial tissue before applying your makeup.


Topix Replenix eye cream

Topix Replenix

Now you know how to treat dark circles in the delicate eye area!

One more thing you should bear in mind, eye creams are generally more suitable for more mature skin. For younger people or those with oilier complexions a lighter, gel product may be more suitable. Some people prefer these anyway and they are particularly popular with men who seem to like the roller applicators that just need passing over the orbital bone for easy application.

So, I hope that having read our tips above, you will have learned something you didn’t already know. Be assured, applying eye cream the correct way, is the only way to get the absolute best out of expensive products; not only will you use less but what you do use, will be more effective. It is worth remembering that the under eye area is the first to start showing those tell-tale signs of aging because the skin is thinner there than anywhere else on the face. So, learning to protect it effectively is a great way to keeping your skin looking younger for longer.

Of course, it is not just using cleanser or eye cream incorrectly that can lead to those dark shadows under the eyes. If you suffer with this problem and are baffled about the cause and need some effective solutions, look for information on home remedies, product reviews and cosmetic treatments.