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19 Sep

Why More Women Are Choosing To Have Cosmetic Surgery

woman wearing red bra

From the allure of a simple face lift to the popularity of the well-known breast enlargement, women all over the globe are finding themselves drawn into the world of Cosmetic Surgery. The question this poses, however, is why? Why are more women finding themselves choosing to have cosmetic surgery now than they have before? We’ve decided to take a more in depth look into the world of cosmetic surgery, and what is drawing women to go under the knife.

The Social Media Influence

woman computer photo

Social Media plays a huge part in the growth of cosmetic surgery from a number of different angles. The first and perhaps most influential is the role of celebrity and body image. Women of all ages have access to a wealth of images online of their favourite celebrities or idols, or simply people of their age who may have features that they want or wish they could have. Cosmetic surgery makes it possible to have these, to an extent, and with the additional fact that social media makes cosmetic surgery seem more accessible and acceptable, it’s no wonder that such procedures are becoming more openly sought after. Cosmetic surgery can give someone a confidence boost, and with the world of Social Media constantly providing women young and old with images of what they “should” look like, it can be difficult to be confident – so the solution, for many, is to undergo the knife themselves.


operation photo

Another reason as to why some women may be considering going under the knife more now than they have before is simply because it is far safer than it has been before. The world of cosmetics and cosmetic surgery is constantly growing and improving and with natural growth comes improved safety. Cosmetic Surgery today, when performed by experienced board-certified plastic surgeons, is much safer today than it ever has been. Procedures are far less invasive than they have been, and with improved techniques, higher standards, better anaesthesia and more in-depth protocol for infection control for reduced risk of complications. The results today are not only safer, but they look more natural too.


health photo

Health is another big reason why people are undergoing cosmetic surgery, with more and more ailments being cured by cosmetic procedures. Correcting certain physical features can help improve someone’s health, whether that be through weight loss, or reduction of fat or breasts. Large breasts can put strain on the back and shoulders, and in the case that they are too large, this strain can be disruptive to a woman’s everyday life and potentially even lead to further health problems down the like. Weight loss can also prove to be useful in helping someone keep a correct weight, or help give them a bit of a head-start into becoming a healthier person. It also works the same for mental health, with some procedures – especially those that return your body to the state it was before a pregnancy, for example – can reduce the risk of depression caused by self-image or similar.

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