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13 Jul

Behind The Frames: The Story Of Tom Ford Eyewear

Tom Ford sunglasses for women

Today, the eyewear brand is worth over $2 billion and it is one of the most sought-after luxury brands in the world. In 10 years, it has grown to the point of competing with other huge luxury brands such as , Giorgio Armani, , and the likes.

But how did it achieve such a feat in such a short while? How did it reach such a height of success and popularity? Here's the story of this exceptional luxury brand.

The genesis of Tom Ford's eyewear brand

As the name suggests, it all began in the 80s with Tom Ford, an American fashion designer. He was working in a company. He worked there for quite a while.

But after some years, the Gucci creative director reached out to him, requesting him to join the Gucci brand as the brand's chief women's wear designer given how exceptional he was in the fashion design craft. This was during the 90s.

With Tom Ford, the Gucci brand's growth was exponential. Plus, he was promoted to the position of Creative Director eventually given his impressive fashion collections. He worked in Gucci for a few years before he left in 2004 to found his own brand. As at when he left, Gucci was sitting on a $10 billion valuation.

He had doubts at the time, but he took that leap of faith and after a year he founded his brand. Given his accomplishments so far in Gucci and in other places he worked, it didn't take him time to go from “humble beginnings” to “world's preference.”

Now, he's one of the most successful entrepreneurs in the fashion industry.

His fashion business includes eyewear, clothes and many other luxury fashion items. Tom Ford eyeglasses are created with high-quality materials and given his great fashion background, the effort he put into the design and craftsmanship is topnotch.

His design team has really come a long way in designing eyeglasses that stylishly combine fashion and functionality.

Tom Ford sunglasses for women

Iconic designs in the Tom Ford's eyewear collection

As you've seen, Tom Ford is known for exceptional designs. Here are some of its iconic designs from the eyewear collection.

The Tom Ford FT5293

The Tom Ford FT5293 is for the stylish, working class woman given the nature of its design. It features a tinted cat eye, though with a minimalist square frame. So, if you love that “career-building” look as a woman, you'll love the FT5293.

The Tom Ford FT5531

This is one such eyewear that even Tom Ford himself has been spotted wearing. It features a minimalistic design with a simple frame. It also has a nose piece that makes the glasses sit comfortably on different types of nose sizes.

The River Vintage

This Tom Ford's features a 100% UV protection and it also comes with an acetate front and black temples. If you are style-conscious you best for this pair of vintage glasses. It is one of Tom Ford's finest.

Getting glasses from Tom Ford's collections that matches your face shape

To shop premium eyeglasses is one thing, but to get the one that matches your face shape is another. The fact is, the brand's collection of glasses can be quite overwhelming given how numerous they are.

You have to narrow down your selection using your individual preferences, especially your face shape.

Square Face

With a square shape, glasses with an oval shape suits you best. This will help accentuate the angles and curves on your face in an attractive way.

Round/Oval Face

If you have a round face, glasses with rectangular frames will do just fine.

Heart-shaped Face

If you carry a heart-shaped face, you best opt for cat-eye glasses. Wider and rimless frames also compliment your look and they give you a soft appearance.

As much as this is the ideal match for the following face shapes, it still depends on you, the wearer. Eyeglasses are fashion accessories and as such, it depends on the individual's style and preference. So, if you feel otherwise, or you feel something else will fit you, go for it.

In the end, fashion is simply the style we are comfortable with.

Tom Ford brow bar sunglasses

Tom Ford's glasses that have been popularized by celebrities

Would you rather buy a pair of Tom Ford glasses because a celebrity has been spotted wearing them? Many people will though. Nothing beats looking as cool as top stars, won't you say? Here's a list of Tom Ford's used by celebrities.

· Tom Ford Whitney glasses (worn by and )
· Tom Ford Whyat sunglasses (worn by Sofia Richie)
· Tom Ford Marko aviator glasses (worn by Daniel Craig in a James Bond movie)

Final thoughts

Tom Ford is among the giants brands in the eyewear industry and it has completely redefined modern fashion.

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