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24 Dec

Botox And Cosmetic Surgery: A Rising Christmas Gift Trend

botox for christmas

Have you waited to the last minute for your shopping this year? Don’t despair. This year instead of braving the crowds and the rush of the holiday shopping why not consider giving the gift of cosmetic surgery to your friend or loved one.

botox for christmas

All She Wants for Christmas Is Botox?

According to Tom Seery, Founder and CEO of RealSelf.com, cosmetic surgery gifts have become staples at many practices and in recent years have grown in popularity. Today more and more people are accepting of these procedures as gifts and many are more willing to go under the knife for a nip or tuck than ever before.

In 2013, 15.1 million people decided to undergo cosmetic procedures, according to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons. This figure is up 104 percent from 2000. As cosmetic surgery becomes more mainstream, more and more people are willing to admit that they would like a little help with how they look. “Because of that, cosmetic surgery is much less of an awkward conversation to have around the dinner table,” Seery said.

The most common plastic surgery gifts often involve the face including fillers and lifts and breast augmentations are also at the top of the list, according to Dr. Yoel Shahar, a plastic surgeon in New York. The Christmas season is one of the busiest times for plastic surgeons as many patients have the time off they need to undergo and recover from the procedures.

cosmetic surgery

Cosmetic surgery top many women’s Christmas gift lists. Some rights reserved by madelineyoki

Cosmetic surgery is a major splurge and doesn’t come without a high cost making it an obvious choice for the Christmas list for many hoping to go under the knife. According to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, in 2013 the average cost for breast augmentation was $3,678, the average face-lift was $6556 and a tummy tuck was $5,217.

While this type of gift has become more mainstream, there are still many people who would be offended if they received the gift of cosmetic surgery in their stocking. A survey of RealSelf community members revealed that one-third of those surveyed would be offended if they received this gift. Interestingly, 75 percent of those surveyed who had received this type of gift received from a romantic partner or spouse. If you plan on giving this type of gift to your partner, you better be sure he or she is hoping for this kind of gift or it could be a long Christmas day.

Dr. Scot Glasberg, president of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, says he sees cosmetic procedures gifted all the time but usually the patient has already had a consultation. “There are a lot of red flags as a surgeon, once you hear the word gift,” he said. “The key is to make sure they’re getting it for the right reasons — to help with body image or self-esteem, not as a way to enhance a relationship.” The gift giver is often only involved in the payment part and not the decision to actually go through with it.

botox injection

Forget the hand mixer! Mommy wants Botox for Christmas. By Vancouver Laser & Skincare Centre

Of course with the explosion in popularity of cosmetic surgery gifts comes an increased risk of medical negligence. Too often we hear of stories of botched cosmetic procedures negatively impacting an individual’s life. When choosing a plastic surgeon for your Christmas gift idea, be sure you choose one with years of experience and reputation to back that experience.

Cosmetic surgery as a Christmas gift is on the rise and, if your partner or loved one is open to this type of gift, it can be an easy way for you to give a gift that will last a lifetime.