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12 Jul

4 Versatile Women’s Fashions Inspired by Sports

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Every time the seasons change it’s time to look at our wardrobes. What do we have hanging in our closets that won’t be out of style this year and what items do we need this year? As we get into the full swing of summer months, you’d be surprised at just how many trending fashions were actually inspired by sports. This goes for women as well as men. In fact, if you were told that many of today’s fashionistas are actually wearing clothes you’d see out on the golf course or on the tennis court, you’d be amazed. To make a point, let’s look at just four versatile women’s fashions that really were inspired by sports.

1. Sleeveless Golf Polos

For almost 75 years the world has equated men’s golf polos with that little crocodile we so often see being worn by men out on the green. Actually, polos are just as often equated with a golf course as with polo and any fashionista is proud to wear a sleeveless golf polo as much for everyday wear as they are walking with their putter. Today you can shop women’s golf clothing easily online to find versatile fashions that are trending in 2022.

2. Tennis Skorts

Thanks to the miniskirts that came into in the 1960s, the skort became a popular staple in a busy woman’s wardrobe. These are now most often seen as athletic wear but they are also fashionable among women who want the benefit of miniskirts with just a bit more cover. As the name seems to imply, a skort is a skirt covering shorts in an all-in-one fashion. You will often see tennis players wearing skorts because they are feminine and yet have a degree of cover which short skirts can’t offer.

3. Wide Headbands

Wide headbands are also a staple in most women’s wardrobes because they can be highly stylized and are suitable for a number of hairstyles. However, these are often worn by female athletes who want to keep the sweat from dripping down their faces and into their eyes. There is nothing worse than salty sweat when you are trying to keep your eyes on the opponent in any match or game. Today, women wear wide headbands much as those you would see athletes wearing, but often in designer fabric to match their outfits.

4. Jackets with UPF Protection

Anyone who is out in the sun for any length of time knows just how important it is to guard against those cancer-causing UV rays. The amount of protection an article of clothing offers is rated in an Ultraviolet Protection Factor (UPF) number with a UPF of 50 being able to block up to 98% of those harmful rays. Even when the clouds seem to be blocking the sun, UV rays shine through and so we are still at risk of developing skin cancer if we go unprotected. Jackets with UPF protection were certainly inspired by sports because women on the green have no way of staying out of the direct sunlight.

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If you take the time to look around, you will see so many other trending fashions inspired by sports. So then, if you want a summer wardrobe you can wear for almost any occasion, look to sports and you will probably be inspired as well.

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