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26 Nov

Fashionable Tips About Renting A Car For A Wedding

man driving a car

Every girl dreams of a luxurious wedding like in a fairy tale. She wants to feel like a princess next to her prince and be surrounded by compliments and attention. A top-class rented car, distinguished by poshness and comfort, looks great in the role of a carriage from fairy tales. Cars for rent may differ in their parameters, type of comfort, and other characteristics. For example, choosing Rolls Royce for rent will suit any wedding theme, because it is a universal option that looks rich and elegant. Before signing a rental agreement, it is better to consult with specialists about what type of car is suitable for a particular wedding.

woman and a wedding car

Advantages Of Renting A Car For A Wedding

Signing a car rental agreement will not take much time. This means that there will be more time to choose a dress and organise a banquet;
You receive a guarantee that the rented car will be in full working order. With a rented car, you will definitely arrive on time in all planned places;

If some kind of malfunction is actually discovered, there is no need to despair. Having stopped by the rental company for a couple of minutes, you will immediately receive another serviceable car for temporary use, without additional payment;
The dream of driving a luxury Mercedes or speed sports car will come true, because car rental companies have a wide range of the most popular brands;

If you do not know how to drive a car, a personal driver with extensive experience will be added to the rented car for a small surcharge.

Some Fashion Tips For Choosing A Rental Car For A Wedding

Consider Your Style And Overall Wedding Theme

Transport should suit the style of the event and fit harmoniously into the wedding image of the newlyweds. Therefore, you should choose the brand and model of cars for rent based on the wedding design and the colour shades used.

Limousines or a cortege of luxury cars of the same brand are suitable for an elegant classic celebration. For a themed wedding that involves an unusual travel experience, choose retro cars, convertibles or powerful jeeps.

For a more modern wedding, consider a sleek sports car or a trendy SUV. If you’re having a rustic wedding, a vintage car or pickup truck is ideal.

Choose The Right Size Car For Your Party

This is one of the most important parameters when choosing a car to rent for a wedding celebration. It may seem that there is no connection with fashion and style. However, this directly affects the appearance of the bride and, consequently, the overall beauty of the holiday. If the car interior is not spacious enough, then when the newlyweds move, the bride’s dress and groom’s suit may become wrinkled or damaged. In this case, even the most fashionable and expensive dress will not have the intended chic look.

bride in a wedding car

Think About The Colour Of The Car

The wedding procession is an important part of the celebration. Not only the car model matters, but also its colour. The colour of the car should complement the overall colour scheme of your wedding. Unfortunately, some newlyweds ignore this point. Despite the fact that the wedding car rental service provides a wide field of choice.

If you can’t decide on classic or bright shades, consider a silver one. This neutral shade looks good at any occasion. A car of this colour is a rare “guest” at weddings, so your cortege will look unusual.

Decorate Your Car With Elements That Match Your Wedding Theme

This is a great way to add a personal touch to your wedding car. Decorations should be combined with each other and with the colour of the car. To prevent the decor from merging into a single spot, it is worth choosing tones that contrast with the main palette. Popular shades include pink and blue. But by choosing similar colours, you run the risk of seeing a dozen other cars decorated in the same colour scheme near the wedding palace. As an option, start from the colours of the bride’s bouquet, the decor of the hall and other elements, so that the flowers and ribbons on the cars emphasise the overall harmony.


A wedding is a beautiful event. But in order to make it stylish and comply with fashion laws, it is necessary to take into account some design nuances. It is important to pay attention not only to the beautiful design of the bride and groom’s car, but also to the appearance of the rest of the cars. It is better to agree on the design in one style in advance. For example, choose similar decorations, decide on the colour scheme and number of elements. If the wedding theme is, for example, vintage, rustic or classic, then try to apply appropriate decorative elements to the cars. This will help highlight the chosen concept.

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