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26 Jan

How Cosmetic Surgery Can Affect Your Personal Style

woman wearing a black bra

One of the most fun things you can do is shop for a whole new wardrobe, and if you’ve had a body altering procedure then chances are, you will need to find a new style that will work for your new body shape.

For many women, investing in their own body is something they have thought about for most of their lives, they will have saved up the money and dreamt about it every day. However, the thought about replacing their whole wardrobe can be a little daunting.

Starting with the very basics, underwear, and swimming costumes, if you’ve had a breast enlargement, you will obviously need some bigger bras. Going to a professional and getting measured is definitely a good idea if you are not sure what size you’re going to be.

clothes on hangers

Be sure to wait the right amount of time after your procedure as well, “dropping and fluffing” will happen post surgery and will affect your sizing but this is a very important step in the recovery process.

Many patients also report suddenly feeling a lot “frumpier”, going from not necessarily needing to wear a bra to it being unable to go without, it can be as big of a change mentally as it is physically. There is big stigma attached to buying something bigger and even though this is, essentially, what you wanted to achieve, sometimes this can be harder.

When making the decision about investing in surgery, it’s very important to consider all your options and make use of the resources available to you. Many cosmetic surgery clinics will also help you when you’re looking into pre- and post-surgery decisions with things such as the rice test. Wearing a larger bra filled with rice so you can get a feel for how your body will change.

comfortable sleepwear

Post-surgery you can also find wearing dresses will be different, if you have a flat chest pre surgery then dresses that will have fit you previously might now hang straight down from your chest. Looking into styles with a more fitted waist will give you the definition you’re looking for. You will also find you silhouette will change, and it could mean that you’re able to wear strapless or more fitted outfits around your chest.

Of course, there will always be a period of trial and error, make sure to consult those around you, especially friends that have been doing this for years for all the tips and tricks!

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