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6 Nov

What Car Colours Are Suitable For A Wedding?

white wedding car

A is an amazing day that should be held at the highest level. Every couple dreams that on the day of the celebration everything will go smoothly and exactly the way they want. To do this, you need to think everything through carefully. And one of the important issues in preparing for a wedding is the selection of cars for the wedding procession.

Often, couples choose a new and luxurious country to celebrate their wedding. One of the most common options is the UAE, because there it is easy and affordable to rent any car you want. In addition to special events, rental services from Renty.ae best rent a car Dubai is also available to travellers who value their time and turn to rental agencies. By the way, SUV car rental is perfect both for a family vacation and for a bride with a fluffy dress that requires a spacious rental car.

White Colour: Tenderness And Solemnity

Since ancient times, white colour has been considered the colour of purity, the triumph of light over darkness. It's worth turning to this shade on such a beautiful and festive day.

In the wedding world, white symbolises innocence and purity, light and truth, joy and virtue. Psychologists associate the colour white with goodness, purity and light energy. They recommend when choosing white as the main colour for your wedding decor, remember its neutrality. And to create a wedding festive mood, it is advised to dilute it with bright colours. Light colours excite, while dark colours calm.

The choice of a suitable car rental model depends on the taste of the newlyweds. It can be a traditional white limousine, or an ordinary foreign car, but it must match the style of the wedding. There are a lot of options for decorating a car. The more remarkable the rental car, the less decoration it needs, and vice versa, the more decoration for an ordinary car.

Black Colour: Luxury And Representativeness

Often a black car is ordered for a wedding, which is also quite justified, especially if the wedding claims to be sophisticated and elegant. Deep black colour is the hallmark of luxury cars; it looks especially impressive on the aristocratic Rolls Royce and luxurious Maybach. It is no coincidence that black cars are among the most popular models in rental showrooms.

black wedding car

The shiny lacquered body of a black rental car will communicate to everyone the delicate taste of the newlyweds, as well as their desire for sophistication and simplicity. It is worth remembering that all respectable people, officials and even beloved stars choose dark-coloured cars. On such a significant occasion as a wedding, you can join the famous and powerful inhabitants of this world in choosing the colour of your car. You might also consider a retro wedding car in black or black and white. Such a car will not leave anyone indifferent at your celebration of love.

White lilies and calla lilies as decoration, as well as snow-white ribbons, will look great on a black background. You can find out in advance how many cars will be ordered for the wedding and keep the entire cortege in the same style. Black, luxuriously decorated cars in one line will look very stylish.

Move Away From The Classics

If you don't like any of the rental car colours described above, or you are tired of them, then in this case you can choose bright and unusual colours. One unusual option could be a pink rental car. It is not as ordinary as white or black, not as defiant and provocative as red, and not as strange as, for example, green or blue.

When choosing the colour of a car to celebrate an important family occasion, you must take into account the meaning and energy of the shade. For example, if you want an orange or yellow rental car for your wedding, then consider not only the meaning, but also the colour combination. Many people associate the colour yellow with warmth and sun. In fact, this shade has amazing energy.

vintage wedding photography

Car Decoration For A Wedding

Even the classic colour of a rental car for a wedding ceremony can be made much more interesting by adding accessories.

Fresh Or Artificial Flowers

This is the most popular decoration today. In the summer, newlyweds strive to decorate the main rental car of the motorcade with fresh flowers, the main thing is to secure them so that during many kilometres of trips they do not fly away in different directions.

Roses, peonies, callas, and carnations look spectacular. Romantic people use wildflowers: forget-me-nots, daisies. Whole compositions are made from fresh flowers, which are attached to the fabric on the bumper or to ribbons.

Artificial flowers are more reliable and look no less beautiful, the main thing is to take into account the combination of flowers with the colour of the car.

Ribbons And Fabric

This is the first thing that comes to mind. Ribbons of different thicknesses, intercepted with artificial flowers, look impressive. They can be located diagonally on the hood or have a complex shape, for example, in the form of a triangle or a horseshoe. The main thing to remember is that when selecting belts you need to take into account the colour of the rental car.

Fabric has come into fashion for decorating wedding cars relatively recently. Light organza of saturated or, on the contrary, delicate shades is used. The car looks beautiful, with almost the entire hood covered in organza drapery.


The best car for a wedding is one in which you will feel comfortable, sincere and which will serve as an additional interesting accessory for a wedding photo shoot.

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