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24 Jan

How to Style a Floral Dress Any Time of the Year

woman in a floral print drss and pink coat

While most people associate floral dresses with springtime, they’re actually great staple pieces that can be worn all year long. The key to making this flirty, feminine print feel timeless lies in how you style it.

Here’s why floral prints work for any season, and some tips for how to style a floral dress any time of the year.

Why Floral?

“Florals for spring? Groundbreaking.” You might remember this famous movie quote, but while Miranda may have meant it in a harsh way, her feelings are definitely rooted in some truth. Florals reflect the idea of life and sunshine and all of the new, happy things that the start of springtime brings after a cold, harsh winter. Therefore, it’s totally natural–and makes so much sense–to want to bring this print into our clothing for the season. That’s why florals keep coming back as a popular choice for spring, year after year, decade after decade.

While florals may now be an expected option for the springtime, they work all year long because of the many ways they can be styled. With a bit of creativity when it comes to color choice, and some thoughtful layering pieces, you can make your springtime staples appropriate for every single season throughout the year.

woman in a fall dress

Spring Floral Print Dress

Spring and florals will probably always be the perfect pairing. Casual floral dresses are timeless, and easily transition from workdays to date night. When styling your florals for the springtime, it’s all about embracing the warmer days and brighter colors that make this season so magical.

Layer Lightly

In the spring, there can still be a bit of a chill in the air. By building outfits with lightweight layers, you’ll be ready no matter what the forecast calls for!

● For cool spring days, sweaters can still feel seasonally appropriate as long as they are lightweight and light in color. Cream, blush and coral cardigans will keep you warm but looking cool.
● Swap your opaque black stockings for sheer styles, if the temperature allows for it, and style with neutral booties instead of heavy black over the knee boots.

Bring Out Bold Accessories

Springtime is about rebirth and brightness, so why not take some inspiration from nature? Bright accessories bring a pop of color to floral prints, making them seem fresh and, rather unsarcastically, groundbreaking.

● For date night, a pair of peppy pink pumps adds a punch of color to an otherwise understated floral midi dress.
● Chunky, neon sneakers give an extra shot of sporty coolness to casual floral dresses, making an effortless weekend look.
● A dusty orange crossbody bag makes a flowy floral maxi dress feel fabulously boho chic.

Be Rainy-Day Ready

You know what they say about April showers… Be ready for rainy days with a few weatherproof outfits in your wardrobe.

● A classic camel trench coat balances out casual floral dresses so you’re covered, not clashing.
● Cute rain boots in a bold color add some fun and whimsy to an otherwise dreary day.
● For a trendy touch, tastefully mix prints by picking a striped umbrella with a color palette that matches your floral dress.

woman in a summer floral print dress

Summer Floral Print Dress

As the days get longer and hotter, florals can bring even more life and joy to your summer wardrobe. Bare legs and breathable fabrics keep the look feeling fresh, flirty and fun.

Keep It Breezy

In the summer, look for fabrics that will breathe with you and keep you from feeling sticky. Find casual floral dresses in cotton, linen or nylon to keep the heat from getting under your skin.

● A floral dress in a linen fabric looks just as perfect poolside as it does during date night. To dress it up, tie your hair back into a wet braid.
● Cotton shirt dresses in floral prints feel crisp and fresh when paired with strappy sandals and a bucket bag.
● Experiment with a brightly colored floral tank dress in stretchy nylon and then pair with chunky white sneakers for a sporty look.

Go Neutral or Bare

When the rest of your outfit is bright and cheery, and especially when the weather’s super warm, keep the rest of your look minimal to avoid overheating.

● Make your springtime staple fresh for summer by keeping your legs bare and pairing your dress with nude platform sandals.
● To keep from sweating into your accessories, opt for simple gold hoops and a cuff bracelet.
● A cheerful clutch will hold enough of your things, without causing the dreaded back sweat that a backpack or crossbody bag might.

woman in a fall floral print dress

Fall Floral Print Dress

Fall is another season where springtime florals can really shine. Pull out the warmer-toned prints in your closet to mimic the rusts and golds of the changing leaves this season. As the weather gets cooler, ground your springtime floral dresses with richly textured layering pieces.

Cozy Up with Cardigans

A knit cardigan is the perfect layering piece to balance out casual floral dresses. It gives you just the right amount of coverage for the cooler days of fall, and helps a springtime dress feel seasonally appropriate.

● Layer a camel-colored cardigan over a dark floral dress to give fall vibes on chilly days.
● A dark black or deep burgundy cardigan brings richness to brighter floral dresses, extending their life into the season.
● Super chunky cardigans can serve as lightweight jackets over floral dresses on days where full coats aren’t needed.

Layer, and Layer More

Fall is all about layering, and floral dresses get new life as the base layer of a flirty fall outfit. Turtlenecks and tights add extra warmth, while jean jackets add an extra dose of texture.

● Layer opaque black tights underneath a bright floral dress and then ground the look with suede over the knee boots for a look that’s perfect for work and play.
● Jean jackets look crisp and fresh layered over deep florals.
● A simple, black turtleneck adds an artistic flavor to the look. Pair with chunky sneakers for a hipster vibe.

woman dressed to kill

Winter Floral Print Dress

Most people get nervous when trying to make a floral dress work for winter, but some careful color selection and a little creative layering are all you really need to help springtime florals feel right at home with the chilliest season of the year.

Find Frosty Florals

In the wintertime, blush pinks and creamy corals can feel a little bit out of place. To mimic the color palette of a cool winter day, choose frosty options like powder blue and lilac.

● A floral dress with lilac accents feels perfect for winter when layered with a turtleneck, leggings and chunky black boots.
● Your basic winter sweater will get a new life as a layering piece when styled over a frosty floral skirt.

Bundle Up

When it comes to seasonal dressing, your comfort should always be your most important consideration! Bundle up with trendy jackets and winter accessories to make sure you’re keeping warm during the coldest days of the year.

● Cover your floral dress in a thick wool coat for a sophisticated look that will help you stay cozy.
● A neutral scarf and gloves make perfect layering pieces and won’t distract from your fun floral look. Poofy, furry black earmuffs add a fun and trendy touch.
● Thick socks and snow boots in black or gray give a frosty floral dress a bit of a snow bunny vibe, in the absolute best way!

woman in a beautiful spring dress

Floral All Year Long

Even though floral dresses have a history of being springtime staples, there are so many ways you can style a floral dress any time of the year. From layering up for fall to creating breezy bare legged looks in the summer, floral dresses can look great in any season.

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