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27 Jan

Most Popular Wedding Flowers Ever

wedding bouquet

Planning for a wedding is notoriously stressful. With so many things to think about, choosing the right flowers can sometimes seem like a bridge too far. Different flowers can give your wedding a distinctly different feel, and what you end up with will go a long way to ensuring that the event has the style that you had always wished for. If you are having trouble selecting the perfect bloom for your special day, the following suggestions for flowers, all of which available at Pearsons Florist, and an explanation of each of their associations will help you.

1. Roses

white wedding roses

A symbol of romance for as long as anyone can remember, roses are a common choice for weddings. With over 3,000 varieties which come in all the colours of the rainbow, roses are surprisingly cheap compared to other flowers, making them great for weddings that are overrunning on costs.

2. Stephanotis

white flower close up

Stephanotis give a wedding a stylish, traditional and formal feel. Their pretty little flowers are white and star-shaped and are often confused as belonging to the jasmine family. They grow on vines in tropical climates and are associated with marital contentedness, which makes them an unsurprisingly popular choice for weddings.

3. Peonies


Much more ostentatious than the previous two flowers, the peony is a full-bodied pink flower with an intricate petal arrangement. The flower was first grown in Asia before finding popularity in France, where it was further developed. While beautiful, however, peonies do not come cheap due to their limited shelf life.

4. Tulips

violet tulips

Another colourful bloom is the tulip. Traditionally associated with the Netherlands, tulips are grown in many different colours and are associated with intense love and years of happiness. Most varieties are affordable, and their relative abundance makes them a popular wedding choice.

5. Hydrangeas


Recognisable by their attractive sky blue and pink colouring, the small flowers of the hydrangea are bushy in character and perfect for adding life to a floral arrangement. There are around 70-75 species of hydrangea, many of which will not cost the earth either!

6. Sweet Peas

soft pink wedding flowers

Originally imported from Sicily, the deep purple flowers of the sweet pea plant will add an element of luxurious passion to any wedding. The gorgeously fragrant scent of the sweet pea flowers has made them a traditional favourite for the floral decorations of the bride and bridesmaids.

7. Ranunculus

pink flower Ranunculus

Offering a cost-friendly alternative to peonies, roses or stephanotis, the ranunculus plant is related to the buttercup. It features delicate multi-layered flowers that can be grown in a number of attractive colours and is perfect for the bouquets carried by the bridesmaids.

The right choice of flowers can really add that finishing touch to your wedding. Do not leave your flower arrangements until the last minute. Make sure you consult with an experienced florist before you make your final decision, as there is nothing worse than splashing out only to realise too late that you have made a big mistake.

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