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27 Oct

Is the Future of Fashion Stitchless?

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The fashion industry is one of the most ingenious sectors out there, with designers constantly coming up with new ideas about how to push things forward. Now, there could be a move away from traditional threads to more futuristic, stitchless garments.

Some of the world’s top designers have already toyed with the concept of using special glue to bond their clothes together, and their offerings have been met with approval. Now, more fashion labels around the world could start toying with this new idea. Even people at home can start dabbling in glue-based fashion design.


Which Designers Have Entered the World of Stitchless Garments?

One of the first times that stitchless clothing appeared in the world of fashion was at the Dyne Fashion Week. Dyne seized the opportunity to showcase its new ideas in front of all the movers and shakers of fashion. The hip label had a new concept on its mind and wanted to tout it to the world. This was the idea that clothes could be made using special adhesives rather than traditional stitching.

Dyne brought out a range of t-shirts, shorts, and bomber jackets, all of which had been made without threads. The label run by Christopher Bevans highlighted how the adhesive used could make these clothes lighter, more durable, and sportier look. They certainly managed to grab the attention of everyone in attendance, and the influence of this idea soon spread around other areas of the fashion industry.

Now, major brands like Nike have begun to experiment with this threadless design idea. With huge names like the sportswear designer going for it, it’s only a matter of time before stitchless clothes go mainstream.

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Can People at Home Make Their Own?

Anyone interested in fashion and creating their clothing items at home should keep their ear to the ground and see what the latest trends are. Anyone in the business needs to have a good grasp of sewing, but now it appears that learning to use glue will be a crucial skill in the future.

There are a few things that people should know before they start trying to make this type of apparel, however. The glue that these designers use is specifically made to be used with clothing, so it’s not possible to just choose any old type. There are quite a few different strains of glue out there, some of which are more suited to building and DIY. Others, such as contact adhesives, are specially engineered formulas for bonding non-porous surfaces. Using the right one is crucial.

After learning about the different types of glue, it would make sense to explore some designs from a range of labels to see how they’ve used glue over the stitching.

Are These Clothes the Future?

Stitching has been used in the manufacture of clothing since around 4000 BC, and the fact that it has existed for so long means that it is an excellent method for putting garments together. There’s no real need to shake things up and replace stitching altogether, meaning that clothes that are traditionally made will most likely still exist.

However, glue is actually an old production technology that has been used in some form or other to make garments for decades. This style of stitchless clothing could begin to coinhabit fashion spaces alongside the classic design. There’s no doubt that the glue-based attire has a more futuristic look to it, and designers who want to look ahead could jump on this trend in the hope that it takes off.

There is likely to be a massive rise in stitchless fashion over the next few years, but it’s unclear whether this will render stitching obsolete. Traditional sewing should still exist alongside the new glue-based apparel in the future.

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