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22 May

4 Misguided Theories About Pixie Cuts

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Not since the swingin’ sixties and Twiggy has the pixie cut been more popular. These days, many of thehottest Hollywood celebrities are sporting the small ‘do, including Jennifer Lawrence, Beyonce and Jennifer Hudson just to name a few.

While it may be surprising to suddenly see our favourite stars chopping their long locks off, there is certainly nothing surprising about how big an effect the pixie cut has. This style may be small but it delivers a tremendous impact, giving wearers an added oomph to their look. It may appear low-key but it never fails to stand out in almost every occasion.

With such stellar qualities, one cannot help but wonder why not many are sporting this gorgeous little ‘do. For that, you could put the blame on the following four misconceptions about pixie cuts:

Misconception no.1: They are not feminine

It only takes one look at the likes of Natalie Portman, Audrey Hepburn, and Anne Hathaway to prove this notion wrong. These ladies along with many other non-celebrities prove that with the right cut and styling, you can look uber feminine with a pixie cut.

Misconception no.2: They cannot be styled

Whoever said only long hair can be styled was spouting nonsense. Pixie cuts, just like longer styles, can be styled in numerous ways albeit without barrettes and hair ties. They can be slicked back or messy, look soft and feminine or edgy and grungy. You can wear pretty little clips or headbands with them, shape them using hair products like hair gel or clay, or colour them in any way you fancy. You could even straighten them or curl them using your regular hair straightener or curling iron.

Misconception no.3: They are only for narrow faces

If you think pixie cuts are only for the select few with slim, angular faces, think again. Every face shape can get in on the pixie fun! Do not get me wrong though, not everyone can pull it off successfully, but if you are talking face shapes, a pixie cut can be just as adaptable as any other hairdo. You just need to get the right kind of pixie cut to complement your face shape. Rounder faces for instance, need longer pieces around the sides of the face to frame and elongate the face.

Misconception no.4: They are problematic to grow out

While this may be true in some instances, it really depends on how much of a problem you allow it to be. If you simply let it grow out without touching it, then it will be more than likely to give you problems. But you do not need to settle for awkward, misshapen styles while waiting for your pixie cut to grow out. Take a cue from Michelle Williams, who cleverly side-swept her growing pixie crop while keeping the back portion short; or award-winning actress Anne Hathaway who styled her growing pixie many different ways (including a glamorous quiff and a graceful side-sweep of the bangs) and coloured it platinum blond. To keep your pixie cut looking fabulous even while outgrowing it, you just need a little creative styling and maybe a trim or two every four to six weeks to maintain its shape and stylish look.

Because it is shorter, less prone to breakage and damage and feels lighter, getting a pixie cut can really be one of the most daring yet rewarding things you ever do for yourself and your hair. And with all the misconceptions pushed aside, there is really no big reason why you should not try a pixie cut for yourself.

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