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20 Feb

Celebrity Hair Trends Of 2014

woman hair

With a new year comes a whole new range of hair and fashion styles and 2014 is absolutely no exception. This year’s top celebrity hair trends, as taken straight from the red carpets, are simple classics that have been upgraded to a sexier and more elegant level. Little girl favourites like braids and ponytails are popular and look great both at the office and at the office party. Accents like flowers, clips, and ribbons are easy and inexpensive ways to make a big difference in dressing up a simple look. A new year could mean a whole new look for you and there is no better time to make a big change.


Braids are back, and with a vengeance. Think old-world style braids, like the typical ‘do of a beautiful princess or a damsel in distress. Long braids are in style this season: do not forget to pull out some wispy pieces to create a softer look while framing your face. You can accessorize the braid by adding flowers (like a hippie girl) or bring the braid across the top of your head like a headband. Think of a peasant girl working in a market during the Renaissance period and try your best to re-create this look.


Blonde is big for 2014 and everybody is going a little bit bolder this season. Bleach blonde locks are definitely in high demand. Remember to lighten your eyebrows if you decide to go a few shades up: we all know there is nothing worse than a fake blonde with black eyebrows. Try using gold accessories like simple barrettes, gold leaves, or a sprinkle of gold flakes on your part. If you are hesitant about dying your whole head you can always accent with gold highlights or weave gold ribbons through your hair for added effect. Even gold eyeliner or eye shadow can be used as an extra accent.

Ponytail with a Twist

Simple goes a long way this season and the ponytail has made a big comeback. There are many ways to dress up this easy classic to make it look a bit more grown-up and sophisticated. If you are with friends for a quiet night, try the side pony. The French Twist ponytail is ideal for a festive party or a classy date night and the double-looped pony is a great way to accessorize and dress it up a bit. There is always an occasion for a low ponytail (clasped together right at the nape of your neck) with a pretty headband or try letting some of your hair fall in the front, surrounding your face. This works especially well if you have bangs.

Choppy Bowl and Pageboy Cuts

Wigs have taken the runways by storm and choppy, boyish cuts are all the rage. It is one of those cuts that takes effort to look like you have put none in but in the end looks fantastic. Long bangs are a must and the more natural your cut looks, the better. Think of the first haircut your mom gave you in the kitchen of your childhood home only spruced up with chunky layers, asymmetrical flips, and of course, lots of hairspray. This is a great look for those looking to pull off a more punky and androgynous look.


When you think of shiny hair think glossy, not greasy. You can use some professional hair care gel or oil to add to the roots to give your hair a bit of extra glow. Super shiny hair works well with extreme side parts or with low ponytails. If you leave your hair down do not gel the whole thing; the tips of your hair should be left soft and voluminous while the roots are saturated with accentuating oils. If you can pull this off it looks amazing but be extra careful not to over do it. It is easy to get carried away and end up with a greasy head of hair that you will have to wash and style all over again.

To sum up the hot celebrity hair trends of 2014 simply think of your childhood. Think innocent blonde, little girl braids, choppy bowl cuts, punk-rock attitude, and semi-glossy roots. Add simple accents like gold barrettes or flakes to create a more sophisticated look. Add extra volume to your hair by turning your head upside down and before hairspraying it. If you decided to pull your hair back, curl wisps of hair to frame your face. Think of 2014 as a chance for you to re-live your earlier years with a grown-up twist. Do not forget that simple is sexy and a little always goes a long way.