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24 Aug

Mermaidcore Trend: How To Wear It?

mermaid under water

The popularity of the mermaid-core fashion trend has no fading signs yet – in fact, the trend is getting accelerated acceptance on various platforms. This mythical trend is gaining momentum on social media apps like Instagram and TikTok. Several fashion brands have also adorned their front displays with aqua-inspired clothing collections.

Disney's popular live-action movie, ‘The Little Mermaid,' threw this maritime resort trend when its first teaser trailer was released in September 2022. Several stars, including Halle Bailey, who played Ariel in the film, have also been spotted in mermaid-inspired outfits on red carpets. Following 's spring/summer 2021 sea accents, these oceanic fashion elements appeared in and Bluemarine's spring 2022 to 2023 collections. Bach Mai's Spring/Summer 2023 collection at New York Fashion Week proves the mermaid-core trend is huge.

woman mermaid

“Mermaidcore” is a fashion trend inspired by the mystical and enchanting world of mermaids. It embraces the ethereal, whimsical, and oceanic elements associated with these mythical creatures. Here are some key features of the mermaidcore fashion trend:

Ocean-Inspired Colours: Mermaidcore fashion often incorporates a colour palette inspired by the sea, including shades of aqua, turquoise, seafoam green, lavender, and iridescent hues. These colours evoke a sense of the ocean's beauty and create a dreamy and enchanting atmosphere.

Shimmer and Shine: Mermaidcore embraces shimmer, shine, and iridescence to capture the magical and ethereal essence of mermaids. Look for clothing items or accessories with sequins, metallic finishes, holographic fabrics, or iridescent textures. These elements mimic the play of light on water and add a touch of fantasy to your outfits.

Flowing and Draped Silhouettes: Choose clothing pieces with flowing and draped silhouettes that evoke the movement of water. Look for maxi dresses, flowy skirts, or loose blouses that create a sense of fluidity and grace. Ruffled or layered details can also add to the mermaidcore aesthetic.

Sea-Inspired Prints and Patterns: Incorporate prints and patterns inspired by the sea to enhance the mermaidcore vibe. Look for clothing with seashell motifs, wave patterns, starfish prints, or fish scale designs. These prints add a whimsical and oceanic touch to your outfits.

Embellishments and Accessories: Embrace embellishments and accessories that capture the magical essence of mermaids. Look for seashell or pearl embellishments, beaded jewelry reminiscent of coral reefs, or hair accessories adorned with starfish or seashells. These details add a whimsical and enchanting touch to your overall look.

Sheer and Light Fabrics: Choose fabrics that have a lightweight and ethereal quality, such as chiffon, tulle, or organza. These fabrics create a sense of movement and allow for a flowy and magical appearance.

Beachy and Bohemian Vibes: Embrace a beachy and bohemian aesthetic within the mermaidcore trend. Consider incorporating elements like braided , natural textures, and shell or bead accessories. Flowy maxi dresses, crochet tops, or layered beach cover-ups can also add a bohemian touch to your mermaid-inspired looks.

Natural and Beachy Makeup: Complete your mermaidcore look with natural and beachy makeup. Opt for dewy skin, bronzed or highlighted cheeks, and soft, shimmery eyeshadows in oceanic colours. You can also experiment with glitter or iridescent products to capture the magical essence of mermaids.

Remember, mermaidcore is a whimsical and fantasy-driven trend that allows you to express your enchanting and playful side. Embrace the oceanic colours, flowy silhouettes, and mystical elements to create your own mermaid-inspired looks. Personalize the trend to fit your style and preferences, allowing your inner mermaid to shine through.

Mermaidcore wardrobe essentials for women

Mermaidcore fashion embraces the enchanting and mystical world of mermaids. While personal style can vary, here are some wardrobe essentials commonly associated with the mermaidcore trend for women:

Flowy Maxi Dresses: Invest in flowy maxi dresses that evoke the movement and grace of water. Look for dresses in ocean-inspired colours like aqua, turquoise, or lavender. Opt for styles with draped or ruffled details to create a whimsical and ethereal look.

Sheer Tops and Blouses: Incorporate sheer tops and blouses that add a touch of airiness and lightness to your outfits. Choose styles with delicate lace or tulle fabrics to mimic the transparency and fluidity of water. Layer these tops over bralettes or camisoles for a dreamy and romantic appearance.

Flowy Skirts: Embrace flowy skirts that capture the essence of mermaid tails. Look for skirts with ruffled or layered details, as well as fabrics with iridescent or shimmery finishes. Opt for high-waisted styles to accentuate your waistline and create a feminine silhouette.

Iridescent or Metallic Fabrics: Incorporate clothing items made from iridescent or metallic fabrics to capture the shimmering and mystical qualities of mermaids. Look for pieces with holographic or reflective finishes that mimic the play of light on water. These fabrics can be found in dresses, skirts, tops, or accessories.

Seashell and Ocean-Inspired Prints: Embrace clothing with seashell or ocean-inspired prints to enhance the mermaidcore aesthetic. Look for patterns featuring seashells, starfish, waves, or fish scales. These prints can be found on dresses, tops, , or accessories like scarves or headbands.

Pearl and Seashell Embellishments: Add pearl and seashell embellishments to your outfits to capture the enchanting qualities of mermaids. Look for clothing pieces or accessories adorned with pearl buttons, seashell appliques, or shell-shaped jewelry. These embellishments can be incorporated into dresses, tops, sandals, or hair accessories.

Beachy and Bohemian-Inspired Pieces: Embrace a beachy and bohemian vibe within the mermaidcore trend. Look for crochet tops, flowy kaftans, or beach cover-ups that exude a laid-back and carefree feel. Incorporate natural textures, such as woven straw or rattan accessories, to add to the beachy aesthetic.

Metallic or Iridescent Footwear: Complete your mermaidcore looks with metallic or iridescent footwear. Look for sandals, flats, or heels in shades of silver, gold, or with holographic finishes. These shoes add a touch of enchantment and can complement the overall mermaidcore aesthetic.

This beautiful trend is more about your creative aesthetic looks with clothes, makeup, and accessories. Shimmery bralettes, corsets, and lace-up tops can create a mermaid bodice illusion. Sheer flowing skirts, dresses, fishnet stockings, and more and more sequins and ruffles are great for mimicking ocean waves. Soft-toned pastels and head-to-toe shimmers will make you a fish out of water.

Now that the summer heat is in full swing, the refreshingly cool looks of the mermaid-core trend are set to make ripples, and we can't wait to see everyone's interpretations of it.

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