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20 Oct

Top 10 Women’s Hairstyles Throughout The Ages

beautiful hair

Before everyone runs off to get hair transplants and extensions in a specific style, take a look at the way popular women’s hair do’s have evolved throughout the ages.

The Cleopatra Bob

Elizabeth Taylor Madame Tussaud

Elizabeth Taylor / Cleopatra wax figure at Madame Tussaud Hollywood. Some rights reserved by Castles, Capes & Clones

Cleopatra paved the path for this edgy look. It came back into mainstream fashion during the 1920’s – known as ‘flappers’ – and has since made a contemporary comeback.

The Ponytail

Beyonce ponytail

Celebrities work ponytails of all heights and textures on the red carpet. Source: www.shutterstock.com

The ponytail was first recorded in the 18th century (Women at the Quern). Then came the original 1950’s Barbie. Nowadays, the ponytail is as common at home in pyjamas as it is on the red carpet.

The Pixie Cut

Anne Hathaway pixie hairstyle

: “After it was gone, I realized my hair and I were kind of like frenemies…and now we are friends.”

There is no longer any such thing as the boy cut. What was initially considered a male look has now been feminised and embraced into a style that can be either soft or edgy. Whether you are looking at Michelle Williams’ whimsical blonde cut, or Anne Hathaway’s demure pixie cut, this look is as versatile as you make it.

Long and Wispy

Jennifer Aniston cosmetics

Jennifer Aniston and her blonde relaxed locks

From the days of ancient Greece, all the way to the red carpet, this ruffled wispy look is every woman’s best friend. Natural and low maintenance, it is perfect for a relaxed day with friends, an evening cocktail or even a ballroom event. Effortless chic is the name of the game when it comes to the long-haired relaxed look.

The Retro Wave

Loose waves can be manipulated into a variety of styles. This style originated from the Mary Pickford era of innocence, and was the signature ‘femme fatale’ look personified by Victoria Lake. Lana Del Rey rocked this look very recently – taking a softer, more sensual approach. Waves look different on different girls, depending on facial structure, hair colour and make up. You can either look like a moonlit angel or a sexy vixen.


Katy Perry hair

Bangs are ’s trademark. Some rights reserved by machechyp

One of the most popular today, bangs originated from the early 19th century. Heavy bangs now signify the fashion forward young woman. When it comes to Hollywood glam, this hairstyle succeeds in being both classy and futuristic.


side French braid

Loose side French braid. Credit

From ancient Egypt to India, braids are a popular hairstyle for the long haired woman. This style can simply be used to keep the locks out of your face or done up for a fancy evening. Put flowers in them for a quirky and playful appearance or try fish plaits and French braids. Eastern women use this style at night to achieve a wavy or curly effect in the mornings when the hair is loosened.

The Afro

blonde afro curls

Big blonde afro curls. Some rights reserved by …love Maegan

The Afro is also known as the ‘natural’. In the 1960’s it was worn as a political statement for black empowerment. These days, with the concept of beauty slowly moving away from the Hollywood mainstream, authentic hairdos are making a comeback. Stars such as Solange Knowles, Pam Grier and Esparanza Spalding have beautifully incorporated this look into their everyday look.

Whatever style you are sporting, or whichever era you are attracted to – every style has its place and its popularity. We live in a world where finding the unique is all about repurposing the old. So before you get too involved in getting stick-ons and hair transplants, take a look at all your options and get a little adventurous.

beautiful hair photo by LyndaSanchez