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9 May

5 Spring 2019 Fashion Trends You Can’t Afford to Miss

casual spring fashion

It has never been more difficult to assess and predict which fashion trends are going to become truly game-changing. This rise of social media and Gen Z influencers has meant that traditional fashion trendsetters such as Vogue and Paris Fashion Week have found themselves scrambling to salvage some relevance.

Major couture houses and fast fashion labels alike have been trying to outdo each other in the boldness stakes, in the hope that they’ll be able to define the style of 2019. The world of fashion is more fragmented and diffuse than ever before, but that doesn’t mean that some overarching themes haven’t emerged just in time for spring.

These are the current spring 2019 fashion trends that look set to dominate the months ahead. 

Thrifty Knitwear is Back


Source: Pixabay

Thankfully we’re set to have a rather chilly spring, as thick, crocheted knitwear appears to be all the rage. Short-sleeved, 70s pattern crochet tees and skirts have been sweeping the runways this spring, with the latest line from Oscar de la Renta stealing the show in Paris. Spanish fashion giant Mango has also released their highly-anticipated spring line, which consists almost entirely of bright, retro-style knitwear creations.

Regal Colours Are in Demand 

woman in a blue dress

Source: Pixabay

If there is a single colour style which we’re going to see everywhere over the coming months it’s bright, sophisticated, regal colours. Think the kind of pastel pink and toned-down mint that we’ve seen everyone from Meghan Markle to Anna Wintour rocking this year. While the jury is still out on which colour will truly define 2019, the global entertainment platform Lottoland recommends Princess Blue for anyone looking to inject some majesty into their wardrobe.

Shorts Are Sensible Now

woman in whte shorts

Source: Pixabay

If 2018 was all about the super-short cycling and spandex shorts, 2019 is going to be all about a more demure look when it comes to legwear. Tailored knee-length shorts have been a mainstay on the runways, with Alexa Chung and Bella Hadid both seen rocking the style at Coachella Music Festival recently. It’s a fun, boyish look which is likely to be accessorised with statement belts and gladiator sandals in the months ahead.

The Summer is Tie-Dye

man in a tie-dye t-shirt

Source: Pixabay

We’re already seeing the beginnings of some defining summer trends if any of the latest spring crazes are anything to go by. Tie-dye last saw a resurgence all the way back in 2012, in part due to a spate of music videos which used the design in abundance. It emerged as an influencer favourite in the tail-end of 2018 and now the fashion houses have followed suit, with Stella McCartney, Prada and even the usually reserved Dior going crazy for the hippy style this spring.

Waterproofs Are in

waterproof coat

Source: Pixabay

If you’re spending your spring in rainy England, then you’re in luck. Bright, bold, floor-length waterproof jackets have been appearing in streetwear boutiques and haute couture lines alike this year, with Marc Jacobs and Sportmax leading the way. Expect to see plenty of neon yellow and camel-brown waterproofs on the streets of London this spring, as influencers and style chasers clamour to get their hands on the most in-demand pieces.

Now you know what’s hot this spring, it’s time to get shopping. Get your hands on these up and coming style icons before they sell out!

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