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19 Apr

5 Chic Dresses to Wear for Easter

woman in a beautiful spring dress

It can be hard to keep up with the different fashion trends, especially since they change with each season and occasion. One season coming up is spring, and with this season come trends that highlight the warmth and softness of a spring day. One of the most popular holidays to showcase this season’s trends is Easter. Spring and Easter dresses tend to incorporate the best of the season’s fashions, making it a great indication of popular styles for all different clothing types.

Dreamy Pastel Dress Will Get You Excited For Spring

woman in a fall dress

Pastel colours are hot for this spring’s trends. You can expect to see spring and Easter dresses to be constructed out of beautiful pastel colors, from soft mint to lilac purple. These pastel colours bring a soft look for the season. The Easter and spring dresses can include solid pastel colours or a variety of colours and prints. Solid pastel colours overlaid with lace is a look that combines different trends of the season.

Button-Up Dress Is a Wardrobe Essential Every Girl Should Own

woman in a beautiful shirt dress

If you go shopping for a spring or Easter outfit, be on the lookout for a button-up dress. In the past, button-up collared dresses have been in style. These blouses have been transformed to be the trend in spring dresses. Button-up dresses can be worn in different ways, from being cinched at the waist with a belt to being tucked in to a skirt. Button-up dresses can be worn with the legs bare or can be worn with a pair of leggings or tights underneath.

White Lace Dresses Are Having A Moment

white dress

Lace is another trend you can expect to see this spring. Although traditional lace is already fashionable, you can also expect to see modern lace with different patterns. This can include any number of patterns, from polka dot lace to floral lace. You can combine this trend with some of the other hot trends for spring and Easter. One way to do this is to wear a sheer lace skirt over a long button-up dress. This look represents the hottest dress trends for this season.

Adorable Floral Print Dresses That Scream Spring

woman in a floral print dress

Floral print is a common trend you can expect to see in upcoming spring and Easter dresses. These floral patterns vary, from soft pastels to bold and bright colours. Floral dresses can be worn by girls and women of all different ages. The floral trend can be combined with other springtime trends to create dresses that have floral lace or metallic silver daisies.

Mixed Prints Look Cool Every Time

woman in a chic blazer

Each of these spring and Easter trends can be mixed and matched with other trends to create a totally stylish and unique look. These trends apply for Easter and spring dresses, but they can also be applied to any number of clothing item for the season.

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