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13 Apr

Choose the right accessories to turn a drab look into fab

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Are you no longer excited by your wardrobe’s old standbys? Rushing into dumping them is not the solution! Accessories, instead, can breathe new life into the dullest of outfits.

When it comes to fashion, the surefire way to turn a dull outfit into a fabulous one is through accessories. They add the touch needed to elevate your look and can also be effective tools to express your personality. After all, like Michael Kors once said, accessories can be regarded as the “exclamation point of a woman’s outfit”.

However, with endless options out there, purchasing something that will add value to your wardrobe can be quite a slippery slope. There are vintage options that you find appealing in thrift shops. Similarly, an accessoire raffiné can be a tremendous investment if it doesn’t burn a hole in your pocket and gets to see the sunlight more than once.

Accessorizing, as effective as it is in adding new energy, can feel daunting even for fashion addicts owing to the myriad of diversity. Let’s see what it takes to make successful purchases and ensure you’re not frittering away money on pieces that will end up at the bottom of your closet.

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Photo source: https://unsplash.com/photos/1uVX_FEwsFU

Know your style and show your true colors

With an extensive collection of accessories, you don’t necessarily have to own a myriad of clothes. Repeated outfits are not a problem with the right add-ons that speak for you. If you’re looking for items that spruce up your look and amaze you with their uniqueness, some fashionable and versatile Loungefly Disney accessories that you can wear with multiple outfits might satisfy you. Even if two people wear the same outfit, the way they accessorize it makes the difference. This reflects how accessories play a crucial role in expressing individuality.

Usually, looks create the first impression for strangers. Suppose you like creating attractive outfits that inspire people to step out of their comfort zones and express their true selves. Then it shouldn’t come as a surprise that your outfit may feel incomplete without the proper accessory. It’s generally agreed that one of the most powerful ways to make an impactful statement is to wear accessories that reflect one’s personality. Now, would you wear a sparkly, shiny, and eye-catching pair of earrings if you’re into subtle touches? Probably, yes! And you definitely should! You can change your style when you feel you’ve outgrown your previous one.

Buy a variety of accessories

By having a variety of accessory categories, you give your wardrobe more flexibility. Make sure to expand yourself beyond the basic belt and purse, and look to introduce unique and fashionable items from each category, including scarves and hats.

Different bags, from clutches to totes, match different occasions, and having more in varied colors and styles will come in handy when you want to spruce up an outfit. On the other hand, the purpose of belts goes beyond function. They’re fashionable, and regardless if you choose a wide or narrow one, a plain or one with embellishments, they’re one of the most effective ways to accentuate your waistline and make an outfit look more polished.

Gloves, hats, and scarves may keep you warm, but they also allow you to add patterns and colors to an otherwise dull look, especially if your outerwear is neutral.

trendy accessories

Rely on accessories to transform your outfit

Accessories are a godsend when it comes to repurposing your wardrobe’s old standbys that you couldn’t say “au revoir” to yet, bringing shine to them. Additionally, you can rely on the proper accessories to transform outfits. For instance, you can be work-appropriate in a classic black dress by pairing it with flats and a cardigan. Ditch these items, add a pair of high heels and statement earrings, and you’re good to go to the party! Having a few go-to accessories in mind for the moments when you lack inspiration or creativity is key to getting you out of crises.

Choose items that complement your features

There are no rules when buying accessories; generally, everything comes down to your taste and style. However, coming home happily with a newly-bought pair of earrings just to exclaim, “They don’t fit my face shape!” is neither budget-friendly nor time-efficient.
Earrings are unmissable in a fashionista’s closet, so consider the following two aspects when you’re looking for the perfect pair:
The pair of earrings complements your face shape, meaning a round face should go with earrings with angular and sharp edges, while an angular one with a pair with rounder and softer edges;

The length is the opposite of your face length, meaning a longer face shape would go well with shorter earrings, and a shorter face shape would look good with longer earrings.

chain necklace and earrings

Tips for choosing accessories

Accessorizing is all about finding the balance, and the right add-ons will take your outfits from drab to fabulous. If you feel overwhelmed by the variety of options, choosing a signature accessory is the best way to ensure you make a successful purchase. Not only is it a signature add-on essential, but it’s also a good go-to when you don’t have time to put up a ravishing outfit. Start with only one piece that makes you feel great and can be worn multiple times. When you’re ready to embrace more add-ons, create balance by picking one item that will rule over your look in terms of color and size, and then proceed with layering more subtle accessories.
And don’t fear playing with textures and styles. Accessories don’t have to be all matchy-matchy and conservative. If you need help determining which colors go together, one colorful addition with everything subtle and neutral will work.

While fashion accessories can serve practical purposes, they often exist to complement the rest of an outfit’s final touches. No actual, hard-and-fast rules exist for choosing ones that match your personality and express your style, but by considering the tips above, you will make successful purchases and bring more attention to your best traits and features.

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