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13 May

What Causes Eyelashes to Fallout?

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Eyelash Enhancer – Lash Growth Enhancer

Short, thin eyelashes may be hereditary or caused by a lifestyle or medical issue. A variety of factors can cause, or contribute to, eyelashes falling out. Many women find that identifying the source of the problem and using a quality lash growth enhancer can resolve the problem and help you grow longer and thicker eye lashes.

Causes of Thin Lashes

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Are you unhappy with your lashes? Eyelashes are important for practical reasons, such as protecting the eyes, as well as cosmetic reasons, such as enhancing the look of make-up and drawing attention to the eyes. Whether caused by improper handling or a medical condition, women want to fix the problem. You can find the information you need to select a quality eyelash enhancer at Top Eyelash Serums.

Medical Causes of Lash Loss

A variety of disorders and conditions can cause lashes to fall out. Some eyelash disorders include madarosis, mites, and parasites, inflammation of the follicles, and blepharitis, which is an irritation, redness and flaking of the skin, causing lash loss. Another condition, known as trichotillomania causes an individual to pull out hairs and eyelashes.

Sleeping with Cosmetics

Hectic schedules and long days cause many women to fall into bed at night without removing cosmetics. While this is understandable, doing so will result in excessive eye lash loss and cause lashes to break, leaving you with thin and short lashes. It is important to take a few moments to completely remove your eyeliner and mascara to avoid lashes breaking and falling out.

Handling Lashes Roughly

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When applying and removing cosmetics, it is important to handle the lashes carefully and treat them gently. Rubbing too hard, pulling, or tugging at the lashes can cause them to fall out prematurely, resulting in sparse lashes. Use a gentle make up remover and a light touch at the end of the day when you are removing make up. You may want to consider using a conditioning product to nourish the eyelashes and promote healthy growth.

What is Normal?

Eyelashes are hairs and, like all body hairs, they will fall out periodically and regrow again. At any given time, about a third of the eyelashes are in the phase where they are falling out and beginning to regrow. If you are losing more than this, you may want to investigate the cause and make some changes to address the problem.

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