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18 Jul

Great Gifts Your Bridesmaids Will Love

gifts for bridesmaids

Getting married can be incredibly stressful, from picking the color scheme and your perfect dress to choosing a menu that will please all your guests to figuring out a seating arrangement that will keep the in-laws far away from each other. Not to mention sticking to a budget! Through all of the stressors and emotional roller coasters, your bridesmaids are there to help you through it. They are the ones that show up at midnight to help you finish your DIY candleholders at the last minute and they are the ones who will deal with whatever problems may arise on your special day to ensure that you never have to deal with it. Which is why you need to put some thought into finding the perfect gifts for them as a way to say thank you for all that they do.

Matching Robes

bridesmaids tetal dresses

One of the most fun parts about the wedding day is getting ready all together in one room, which makes matching robes a great idea for a bridesmaid’s gift. Imagine how cute those photos will look when you and your girls are all wearing matching kimonos. Perfection.

What’s the Time?

womans watch photo

Weddings are full of deadlines and appointments, which makes a watch a great gift idea for your bridesmaids. After all, what better way to show your appreciation for their always being on time than awesome new watches? Brands like MVMT offer tons of different options, which enable you to either buy them all matching watches or pick out different styles that all share a common color or shape. For instance, instead of getting all the same watch, maybe choose the same watch face shape but choose different bands for each friend. The options are pretty endless, so have fun with it. Be sure to check out MVMT’s stylish new sunglasses as well to keep your gals’ eyes protected during the ceremony rehearsals.

Snap Some Pics

bridesmaid photo

If you get your girls instant cameras, not only are the gifts super cool and on trend, they can also take a bunch of photos during the reception, which make really great mementos to have. Consider looking into getting some personalized camera bags to go with them, which features their names engraved in different colored leather.

Compact Mirror

For whatever reason, compact mirrors are actually pretty hard to come by, especially on a wedding day. Someone is always looking for a little mirror to check their eyeliner and lipstick in, which is why gifting your bridesmaids with compact mirrors is a great idea. Especially if you go with a material that is timeless and classic, like gold. Bonus points if you get the mirrors monogrammed with their initials.


lipstick photo

Speaking of lipstick, did you know that you can personalize your favorite products from Yves Saint Laurent? Why not snatch up some lip stains in colors that remind you of your friends and get their names engraved on the packaging? A lot of brands also have little fun packages that come with smaller sample sizes of their best products, which always makes for a fun gift for ladies who love trying new things.

Matching Jewelry

Jewelry is always a great idea when it comes to figuring a gift out for your bridesmaids. We love the idea of getting little delicate gold keys on thin chains to tell your girls that they have the key to your heart. Or you can get more personal and get their names engraved on little charms that hang lightly, go with a simple letter for their first name, or even get creative with colored geodes so each girl gets a different color.

Take a Trip

red dresses for bridesmaids

While material items are great, there is really nothing better than planning a trip with your girls. It doesn’t have to be anything grand and expensive either, since the most important aspect is that you are all together. Look into finding a room at a cool hotel in a neat location (like Joshua Tree in the desert), so you can hang out by the pool and unwind. You can do it before or after the wedding – think of it as a second honeymoon if you set it up for after. If you don’t want to do an overnight adventure, plan an outing that all of you can enjoy together, like riding ATV’s or going on a hot air balloon ride or enjoying a spa day.

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