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5 Sep

How to Create the Perfect Wardrobe For Tween Girls

tween girl smile

Styling up a tween progressing into adolescence can be a challenging task. The huge influence of social media and the early exposure of this generation to technology often leads to parents questioning their day-to-day decisions. Creating the perfect wardrobe for your tween might not sound as important to some, but it’s actually a great start for helping them build their self-esteem while exploring their identity.

With all the challenges that come with the transition to puberty, teaching them the importance of self-love, body positivity, and self-empowerment can make a big difference on who and what kind of person they will be in the future. In this blog, we will give you amazing tips to help you create the perfect wardrobe for your tween girl!

Start with the basics

tween girl white dress

When we say basic clothing, what comes to mind is a plain shirt and jeans. Well, to some it could be a mediocre outfit but these are the fashion staples that are easy to style and versatile to wear. With a few pairs of t-shirts, quality denim pants, rompers, and skirts, the possibilities are endless! Don’t forget to include underclothes like a bralette, camis, sports bra, boyshorts, and undies on your must-have list. Shopping for your tween’s clothing can be a real challenge. You can find retail shops online that are dedicated to tween clothing like the gorgeous collections by Hayden Girls. The key to completing any look doesn’t fall down on the clothing itself! Adding finishing touches like bags, jewelry, and shoes plays a vital role in completing a wardrobe collection.

Get help from mom’s wardrobe

You can be surprised by what you may find in your wardrobe. With just a little more attention to detail, those pairs of old jeans can be upcycled into trendy tattered jeans that your tween girl will totally love. A simple old shirt can be styled in many different ways too. You can get creative and throw in some dye on the shirt and you’ll have yourself a colorful tie-dye tee! Old sweaters can also be used as-is or layered on top of a dress to create a playful yet unique look. Upcycling clothes not only lets you save a ton of bucks from unnecessary shopping but also helps you lessen the excess waste in the environment.

Give room for experiments

mother daughter

Let your tween wear what they want – this may sound cliche but it’s a great way to teach them responsible decision making and building positive rapport. Clothing influences how we carry ourselves, so it’s important to let your tween have a say on how she wants her style to be. Giving them the authority to dress is a good step in self-empowerment. Just keep in mind that as a parent, you still have to set limits and guide them in every choice they make.

Declutter the current wardrobe

Separate all of her clothing into 2 piles; Love it and Hate it. Donate everything in the “Hate it” pile and let her try all the clothing from the “Love it” pile. Let her try on everything in the “Love it” pile to check which ones still fit and which ones need to be disposed of. Don’t forget to include the shoes in the decluttering! Clothes and shoes that she doesn’t use will only take up space. Keeping her wardrobe tidy, neat, and organized will make styling easier and more fun! Don’t be afraid to have a slight deviation from the norm as long as it’s still appropriate and your tween is comfy with her clothing.

Choose versatile clothing

girl reading a book

Every girl should have a nice skirt during the summer months and a thick sweater during the winter. Picking versatile clothing lets you easily mix and match tops and bottoms that can be worn in different seasons. For example, a skirt can be worn on top of leggings to keep her warm on cold days and can be used as-is during warm days. Girls can be playful with their outfits so it’s really important to have versatile pieces in their wardrobe. Not only that it helps to maximize every piece of clothing but it also helps your tween to become more creative with their style.

Picking the right shoes

Picking the right shoes will depend on your tween’s style and personality. You can never go wrong with a pair of sneakers. They can be worn for different occasions and can complement a wide variety of clothing. Plus, it doesn’t restrict any movements and can last a long time. Some of the footwear staples that you may add to your tween’s wardrobe list are boots, flats, heels, sandals, and an everyday slipper for casual wearing.

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