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Pastel Spring Time Accessories for Work and Play
Whether it’s wearing colorful pants in mint, sorbet yellows or corals, or adding a simple pop of colour to a subdued neutral or black ensemble, spring is the perfect season to incorporate more cheerfulness into your wardrobe.
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The Best Distressed Jeans for Spring
What's the one thing that every modern woman needs in her closet? Good denim. A nice pair of jeans is a brilliant base for any outfit, no matter the season. Spring, however is the perfect time for you to slip into a pair of distressed jeans so why not give them a try.
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Top Beach Essentials For A Super Chic Summer
Packing for a beachside vacation can be a challenge. Whether you're planning to lounge on the shores of St. Barts or explore the eclectic island streets, you're sure to need some versatile and comfortable options. But not to worry — we've got your style needs covered thanks to this fashion guide.
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18 Jul

Fringe Bag Is A Must-Have Boho Chic Accessory

A distinctive fusion of rugged Western style and obsessively trendy Boho chic gave an astonishing result: a fringe bag. A little bit beach-y, a little bit bohemian jet set, and 100 percent on-trend. Whether it is a tote, a satchel or a slouch bag, the lush cascades of fringe at each part create a chic movement effect. I cannot help but imagine these bags with sheer blouses, rosy corals, and fresh florals.

8 Other Reasons suede fringe crossbody festival bag in tan-Brown

This elegantly ethnic bag is impeccable in quality and remarkable in design. Simultaneously chic and edgy, 8 Other Reasons’s fringe bag has just the right attitude to please you in a concrete jungle, on the beach or at the party. It is detailed with fringed strips, braided trim, and subtle detailing.

Topshop Laura leather fringing crossbody bag in black

Made from soft, textured suede, the Topshop bag features a fold-over flap, a cross-body strap and a fringe detail. This type of bag is popular with many celebs including Vanessa Hudgens, Alessandra Ambrosio, and Ashely Tisdale, who love it for its roomy interior and top-quality materials. Worn off the shoulder or messenger style, it is ultimately versatile.

South Beach crochet fringe shoulder beach bag in cream-White

Fly above the style mark without breaking the bank with South Beach. The rumour has it, the creative genius behind the brand spent many days pulling together affordable looks on a very small budget. This makes this crochet fringe bag one of the hottest summer’s confectionary treats. An open, roomy interior makes this fun fringe bag functional as well.

Aim for an effortless vibe with this casual fringed bag for a day out in town or wear it with layers to own the bohemian hippie look. With real suede and adjustable straps, the fringe bags feel as comfortable as they look.

These fashion forward handbags featuring lots of fringe will introduce a little swing and dash to your wardrobe. The hottest pieces include a shoulder strap and a tasty, earthy colour: chocolate, chestnut, cognac, ivory that will especially match trendy safari and tribal-inspired clothes. A long list of celebrities sporting this casual, urbane trend includes Kate Moss, Miley Cyrus, Lindsay Lohan and Megan Fox.

How to wear a fringe bag?

Wearing a fringe bag as a fashion trend can add a touch of bohemian and free-spirited style to your outfit. Here are some tips on how to rock a fringe bag:

Keep the Outfit Simple: Since fringe bags are statement pieces, it’s best to keep the rest of your outfit simple and understated. Choose neutral or solid-colored clothing that won’t compete with the bag’s eye-catching design.

Embrace Boho Vibes: Fringe bags are often associated with bohemian style, so consider incorporating boho elements into your outfit. Flowy maxi dresses, flared jeans, or embroidered blouses complement the fringe bag’s aesthetic.

Choose the Right Size: Fringe bags come in various sizes, so pick one that fits your needs and complements your body shape. Larger bags can be great for carrying daily essentials, while smaller ones add a subtle touch of fringe to your look.

Coordinate Colours: If your fringe bag has multicolored fringe, choose clothing that complements one of the colours in the bag. This will tie your outfit together and create a cohesive look.

Mix Textures: Fringe adds texture to your ensemble, so consider pairing it with other textured pieces. Suede, leather, or crochet items work well with fringe bags and enhance the boho feel.

Casual or Dressy: Fringe bags can be dressed up or down depending on the occasion. Pair your bag with casual outfits for a relaxed and laid-back look, or style it with a chic dress for a more elevated and fashionable appearance.

Experiment with Placement: Some fringe bags have fringe on the front, while others may have it on the sides or bottom. Experiment with different placements to see which one complements your outfit best.

Layer with Accessories: Don’t be afraid to layer your outfit with accessories that complement the fringe bag. Think beaded bracelets, feather earrings, or a long pendant necklace that add to the boho feel.

Confidence is Key: As with any statement piece, wearing a fringe bag with confidence is essential. Rock it with pride and embrace the bohemian spirit that fringe bags exude.

Weather Considerations: Keep in mind that fringe bags may collect dust and dirt more easily than other bag styles. Be mindful of weather conditions and where you’ll be using the bag to keep it looking fresh and stylish.

Fringe bags are a fun and trendy addition to your wardrobe, perfect for adding a bohemian flair to your outfits. Follow these tips to style your fringe bag effortlessly and embrace the carefree and fashionable spirit it brings to your look.

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