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26 Nov

Creative and Amazing Styles to Rock Bodycon Monochrome Prints

Motel monochrome bodycon dress
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Bodycon dresses are the flavor of the season with their ability to enhance the feminity of a woman’s body. These figure-hugging dresses bring out the curves in women like no other apparel can, complementing the natural endowments of the wearer. However, bodycon dresses do not work wonders for every body type. Those with pear-shaped bodies will want to avoid bodycon dresses as the final look does not tend to be flattering. Bodycon skirts, on the other hand, would serve the purpose.

David Lerner monochrome dress

Horizontal stripe gives the David Lerner’s dress an elongating feel

Choose the print that complements your curves

Monochrome prints are every woman’s greatest challenge as they limit the avenues of experimentation in accessorizing and mixing and matching. However, carefully selected monochrome prints can also prove to be the most creative play boards that your wardrobe presented in a long time.

A vertically striped monochrome print bodycon dress creates the illusion of height, and when paired with the right footwear, creates a long-legged sensation of a woman of mediocre height. Selection of the right pattern is the trick when it comes to monochrome prints. Do not throw a dress into your shopping cart based solely on its appearance when on a mannequin. Wear it yourself to see exactly how the dress hangs on your body and if it complements your curves.

Those with flat chests, ill shaped buttocks or waist curve that does not subscribe to the hourglass silhouette can all have monochrome bodycon dresses work in their favor if the right pattern is chosen. Selecting dresses with side cuts and necklines that draw one’s attention to your finer features helps win half the battle.

bodycon prom dress

Bodycon dress is a perfect choice for your prom

How to accessorize a monochrome bodycon dress?

Oft times, the monochromatic print dresses selected offer all the variation that one can carry off, rendering the process of selecting belts, bracelets or necklaces redundant. Collared and turtle-necked dresses need no chains, unless the neckline allows for an ornament to create an impact. Off the shoulder dresses, wide necks and spaghetti straps are all designs that call for appropriate neck accessories. A short dress is best paired up with chunky necklaces for a funky look or an elaborate necklace for a classy show. An ankle length dress requires but a slim necklace with a pendant that makes style statements. A bedazzling butterfly or a rose on smooth skin atop an elegant bodycon dress is simply stunning.

Bracelets and bangles are an avenue that is open for experimentation. For a short monochromatic print dress, multiple slim bangles of a complimentary color will help create a style statement. For example, a dress that is white with patterns can afford canary yellow or even bright red bangles that add a definitive splash of color to your outfit.

monochrome bodycon dress

Make an entrance in fun and flattering bodycon dress with polka dot sleeves

Finger rings are the show stoppers when it comes to bodycon dresses. Slim bands are to be avoided. Reach out for that sparkling gem (or look-alike) that slices the light around it to sparkle alluringly. If you are headed out for a night of head banging, you will want to choose funky imitation jewellery that allows you to reflect your fun side with a plethora of designing. A formal evening party, on the other hand, would call for a gem stone or an elegantly carved finger ring.

Make your statement with the dress you wear. Monochrome prints in Aztec, Egyptian or Indian designs are not hard to find. Let the world know what your interests are and present a mystery-shrouded picture to the party. Simple yet elaborate, such prints require no further effort from you.

Lipsy monochromatic bodycon dress

With such a dress, don’t go overboard with accessories!

Footwear and handbags are the vital combination of any dressing up session, and this is no different. Clutches are best suited for bodycon dresses as sling bags or hand bags can spoil the image of a bodycon dress. Small handbags are a complete put out while the bigger hand bags can be exploited to fit in with the outfit.

Floral prints are a trap in the case of bodycon dresses. A bodycon dress is inherently sensual, and looking like a flower garden has nothing sensual about it as Adam is not who are out to impress. While light floral print dresses are acceptable, floral print bodycon fits are simply chaotic. Semi-bodycon dresses may however be what you seek. Here, while the top half of the dress is figure hugging, the dress flares out like a gown from waist-down, creating an appealing effect.

Quality over quantity

Bodycon dresses are churned out by the dozen by high and low end apparel manufacturers alike. While the investment of high and mediocre brands reflects in the form of praise-worthy creations, mass production of bodycon dresses results in terrible monochromatic prints. You would be wise to reach out for monochrome dresses that are plain and simple in small retail stores to avoid looking like you bandaged a curtain around yourself.

Motel monochrome bodycon dress

Optical illusion dress is a famous trend sported by celebrities

Selection of a bodycon dress is everything. Try on a dress before purchasing it as an ill-fitting bodycon dress can’t be altered and can only be given away. Recheck the material that the dress has been made from to ensure that elasticity will be retained for substantial time in the near future. Only when these parameters have been checked must you take the final step of purchasing a monochrome print bodycon dress.