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19 Mar

The Latest Layering Trend: Multiple Belts

many skinny belts
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Remember when you would be poorly judged if your shirt was peeking out from under your sweater? Or if your skirt hemline was longer than your overcoat? Those days are long gone thanks to a new way of thinking about fashion. Layering turns the traditional rules on their heads, and instead of creating a sleek, clean silhouette, pieces are being piled on to create a more edgy, modern appearance.

triple wrap belt

Triple wrap belt. Some rights reserved by Idhren

The style has practical applications as well, especially during the winter months or times of the year when it can be chilly one moment and warm the next. At this time of year, people layer on long-sleeved shirts, vests trimmed with fur, cozy sweaters, colourful leg warmers and more, but they rarely think about layering belts.

It is tough to stand out in the fashion world today because so many trends are over-done, but layering belts is one of the latest ways to show off your style in a unique way. When you are layering on clothes, your feminine silhouette can easily become lost. Belts cinch in the waist, giving a more hourglass-shaped figure, and they let you layer without looking bulky or lumpy. Just one belt on its own has this effect, but it is multiplied even more when you layer them!

star belt

If you are wearing lots of layers, belts will help you create an hourglass silhouette. Some rights reserved by InExtremiss

Pair Practicality with Style when Layering Belts

If you are new to layering belts, start off by pairing a more practical style with a more fashionable one. This will give you the comfort of great support with the look you are after. This combination also gives you a chance to show off something a bit flashier while tempering it with a more practical counterpart. The result is a look that is both chic and comfortable.

Layering Multiple Skinny Belts

many skinny belts

Multiple skinny belts. Some rights reserved by Idhren

Skinny belts are perfect for layering! You can wear as many as you want without adding too much extra bulk, and their smaller size makes them perfect for bringing a pop of colour or texture into your outfit without overwhelming it. Add on skinny belts in bright colours when you are wearing mostly neutrals, or create an interesting look by layering belts of similar bit different shades, like red hues or varying shades of green.

Mix Up Your Look with Eclectic Belts

Do not be afraid to experiment with many different belt styles at once. Pair a simple brown leather braided belt with a glitter-covered jewel-toned one, or wear your favorite grey belt paired with a shiny red pleather option. As long as the belts coordinate with the rest of your outfit, they will go together, and wearing two different styles adds depth and interest to your ensemble.

Whether you are wearing just one belt or layering them, it is important to choose a belt that fits well and provides support. Tugging and pulling and constantly adjusting your belt is not fashionable! For a look that is both fashion-forward and comfortable, try layering the belt in different colors. You will look and feel great because you will have the comfort and support you need with the style you want.