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New Ways to Style a Turtleneck
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6 Ways To Wear Your Favourite Plaid
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Trench Coats That Save The Day
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3 Apr

10 Youtube Makeup Stars and Their Styles

youtube makeup tutorial

Stunning makeup trends have exploded with the use of vibrant color and with the recent fashion trends of neon colors paired with pastels, the sky’s the limit according to taste and design. Youtube artists display their artwork and make it easy for anyone to recreate their designs. There are a plethora of Youtube makeup artists, but a key few take a unique approach.

Rice Bunny

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Most people know Michelle Phan as Rice Bunny. She has made it big, but started out humbly showing tutorials on how to get various desired looks, such as smoky eyes, anime makeup and springtime makeup. Her videos are refreshing, delicate and inspirational. Michelle gives practical advice and offers cutting edge trends before most others.

Kandee Johnson

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In a few words, Kandee Johnson is zany, insightful and a pure delight to watch. Not only does she deliver straight to the point results, but she is incredibly informative. She offers “how to’s” and makeup reviews. Both offer quick and easy directions and findings on what products work the best. She also provides useful techniques in makeup application and those that make for a flawless finish.


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Pixiwoo is a 2-woman UK team that offers makeup tutorials on several different actresses, from James Bond girls to to tutorial on Lebanese singer Haifa Wehbe and everything in between. Pixiwoo shows how to get the desired results on any popular celebrity.


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Gossmakeupartist is a male makeup artist in Australia. Because he offers makeup for men, he gets into great detail on how to make contour look very natural. Gossmakeupartist actually demonstrates on himself quite often, which lends to his natural-looking makeup approach.


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Givegoodface or GGF is another male makeup artist. His videos offer innovative creations that are not seen in the mainstream media. His videos feature more upfront informational “how to” and in the latter portions of his videos, he demonstrates the techniques without verbal details, but in quick view.


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Fafinettex3 is a fun and energetic woman that has awesome ideas, such as a homemade magnetic board that can be mounted on the wall to hold any and all makeup item to find in a flash. She not only gives step-by-step “how to’s” on makeup, but she expands her repertoire to try out new and creative ideas, such as paper eyelashes that feature dainty designs, such as butterflies. Fafinettex3 regularly shows one eye done up and leaves the other sans makeup to demonstrate the finished look. What’s nice about this process is that through comparison, it’s easy to see how the techniques used end in the desired result.


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xSparkage, as of late, has done a series of looks and scents from around the world. She covers the Middle East, Asia and Africa. She too delivers one eye done while showing a step-by-step guide on how to do the other eye. Her designs are fresh and creative. xSparkage does an extreme close-up view showing detail to her application techniques.


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Pursebuzz offers interesting tutorials, such as putting on makeup without the use of a mirror. Several of her videos showcase makeup designs according to the makes of various palettes, rather than showcasing a makeup design by mixing and matching different brands.


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Askmemakeup offers makeup techniques for different walks of life, whether a person is of Asian heritage or is a teenager. Askmemakeup offers tips and techniques while demonstrating her creativity on models, rather than on herself. Accordingly, she demonstrates on models of different ethnicities and ages.


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Destinygodley demonstrates how to apply makeup for persons that are African-American or with similar skin pigments. She also demonstrates practical makeup techniques that are easy to follow and make for ease when applying makeup around the eyes and other key areas.

The world of makeup is an exciting one as of late. See what designs you can create.