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winter fashionista on the snow
Outfit Ideas For This Tricky Transition Fall-Winter Weather
Whether you like it or no, the cool weather is around the corner. The good news is that Fall is the best season for fashion because it is the time to master layers, jewel colours and bold accessories. Let’s talk about the must have items for your wardrobe.
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Stylish Office Essentials Every Woman Should Own
Looking for the Fall office essentials you'll want to wear to the office? This is the best where you could go! Read about the top stylish workwear clothes for fall to effortlessly incorporate into your existing workwear.
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10 Women’s Winter Wardrobe Essentials
Fighting off those frigid temperatures with appropriately warm and winter-proof ensemble is a walk in the park. Make your wardrobe a sartorial winter wonderland with these essential clothing staples to keep you looking stylish yet feeling all warm and fuzzy during Jack Frost’s favourite time of year.
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12 Feb

7 Ways To Look Amazing On A Budget

Preciosa Ornela

You do not need a big budget to look amazing. Fashion is accessible to everyone, and especially those who know how to shop like a pro. By researching carefully, finding deals and defining your own style, you can look like a star and save money at the same time.

Accessories are your friends

Preciosa Ornela

Preciosa Ornela Jewellery. Some rights reserved by Preciosa Ornela

Belts, bags, bracelets, jewellery and even glasses – every accessory has the potential to completely transform how your style is perceived. Accessories are usually pretty affordable, so they can be a great way to make your outfit feel different. Wear the same outfit, but simply change your blouse and your accessories and suddenly you have a completely different look. Try to find a good range of affordable accessories, but it is OK to splurge on occasion when you think that something could last a while. For example, a diamond necklace might last a lifetime, so it is worthwhile spending a little more and making an investment.

Choose value over price

Many people make the mistake of only buying the cheapest fashion when they are shopping on a budget. This is a big mistake! You need to look for value and consider how long an item is likely to last. One item might cost twice as much but could last three times longer. In that case, the most expensive item actually delivers the best value. Choosing to buy North Face clothing and other quality clothing is usually always worth the investment over cheaper alternatives – especially for important items like backpacks, jackets, trousers and other items that can easily adapt to a wide range of outfits and occasions.

Read the latest fashion news

Magdalena Frackowiak roberto Cavalli

Magdalena Frackowiak during Roberto Cavalli fashion show in Milan. Some rights reserved by fervent-adepte-de-la-mode

Always stay up to date with the latest fashion news. If you want to look great you need to know what is in vogue and what is not. Of course, that does not mean you need to blindly follow along. It is just good to get a sense of what is happening in the fashion industry and to adapt your style around it.

Buy fashion that works in any context

denim campaign

To buy jeans that are the perfect fit, make sure you know your waist, hip, rise, and inseam measurements. Some rights reserved by Remonpijnaker

A great pair of jeans will look amazing with so many different styles. Whether you are going shopping with friends or you are lazing around in the yard, jeans are often the perfect choice. That is why it is OK to spend a little more to get the perfect pair. Try to find items that work like a blank canvas and fit around the style that you choose on a given day. Instead of opting for ripped jeans, go for a relatively plain pair that will be more adaptable. Instead of opting for a pink designer handbag, go for something that is a more neutral colour and you will be able to use it again and again.

Be practical

winter scarf

Buy your new infinity scarf in winter, not summer! Some rights reserved by Wickerfurniture

It is so easy to lose sight of practicality in an effort to look good. You might choose to wear sunglasses when there is no sun or wear a wooly cardigan when it is scorching. We all get excited about wearing something new, but try to always hold back until the time is right. A good tip is to only buy something when you are actually likely to be able to wear it soon – that cashmere coat might look amazing, but hold off until winter.

Find the best deals

IT girls in Ghana

Be it U.S., be it Ghana, everyone can shop online! Flickr

You might have decided you are definitely going to buy a particular item, but that does not mean you need to buy it right away. Hold back, do a little research and find out if it is available anywhere else at a cheaper price. Often we see clothes in the store and we want them right away. Try to resist! Go home, have a look online and you will probably be able to save a bit of money. Online operations do not need expensive storefronts and often they can offer more competitive prices as a result.

Take advantage of discounts and coupon codes


Look for sales, discounts, vouchers and coupon codes. Some rights reserved by twicepix

Have you ever been checking out at a website and saw an invitation to enter a voucher or coupon code? It is really simple. You just enter in the code and you will save money on your purchase. Sometimes a coupon code will apply to a certain product; other times it will be a broad discount that applies to any purchase. Some forward-thinking e-commerce sites even promote discounts and coupon codes through their website, allowing you to save money without the hassle of trying to hunt down a code. Of course, you do not need to find a code if a company advertises a discount directly through their website – the discount already applies to everyone.